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    I suggest you organize a trust and sell it to the trust [Edited: not to the trustee]. Let him (or her) handle it. The trustee will still pay for roads and bridges, usage of the state property. The trustee will make claim to lawful money redemption and when the county DMV asks how much he paid for it, the reply will be, "That is private."

    Naturally since there is no tax on an unknown amount, and through redemption the matter is indeed private and in a private trust, the amount of value on the car is now $0 and so the property tax will reflect that.

    You might be wise to enroll in my Lesson Plan so that you can just utilize the trust structure already in place. It is well worth what you pay me.

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    How would saying "that's private" be acceptable if the trustee is redeeming lawful money? If lawful money helps to reduce the public debt, and FRN's are private credit, then what about the price of the car is private? Is it because the transaction of the car between seller and buyer was private?

    I will gladly enroll when I can pay for it.. I'm kinda strapped for cash right now.

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    It adds up immediately and over the years.

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    There is always a residual ownership when one uses private credit for discharge.

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    The law of gravity announces the human form through the imbalance caused by selfish thought in the egoist mind. Christians might say, "Jesus has delivered us from the ravages of the Law." Very true, but sometimes I wonder how they perceive this because from the egoist mind when push comes to shove, people will preserve themselves first, not their neighbor.

    At the end of the conversation they sprung the ONE IN THE SAME PERSON form on me. But that DBA typically costs $75 and I established the trust relationship between DAVID MERRILL and DAVID MERRILL VAN PELT easily and for free. So you might go that route. Start by paying for a Doing Business As form - signing demand for your redemption. You might even have to register the FULL NAME in probate court or with the Secretary of State. If you stay calm though, there are no mistakes - ever.

    If you panic though, you will see blessings as calamity. They waived fees to bait a trap. If I would have hesitated to sign the Form, the deputy sheriff security guard would have gladly arrested me for criminal impersonation.

    If you repair the brain damage and conditioning in between your ears you can prosper. Otherwise your wealth might just reflect how you bleach out the color in others' lives in tontine and other ponzi schemes based in the delusion debt has value and substance.
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