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Thread: Redemption of Lawful Money at US Bank

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    Start of possibly difficult to confront data

    [With some revision, I attempted to say the following at but the post was not approved]


    ■ Lord James of Blackheath stood before parliament Thursday, February 16, 2012, providing evidence of an apparent $15 trillion theft; transfers to JP Morgan Chase for further credit to PureHeart Investments, LTD. (with SWIFT codes)

    ■ 5 US banks (JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, HSBC) participate in derivatives with a notional value of $237 trillion yet with assets of only $4.9T
    (page 25)

    ■ These 5 U.S. banks have written 97% of all European CDS instruments (remember AIG?), and these 5 also control the ISDA (regulator). The odds of ISDA declaring Greece to be in default are essentially 0.

    ■ There's hardly been a government that's paid back its debt.

    ■ Greece has a debt payment due March 12th and Europe is PISSED at the banksters.

    ■ Banks loan new currency created by the borrower's own signature on the note; no consideration by the bank.

    ■ The commodities market (gold, silver, oil) is rigged, COMEX is broke as a joke, and the MF Global theft reveals who's running the show.

    ■ The stock market is a rigged game. Naked shorts, quote stuffing, HF trades &c; nobody rigs a game like the US.

    ■ If your dollar-denominated investments made 10% last year you lost ground. John Williams shows inflation was 10.7% for 2011 using the govt's 1980 formula.

    ■ The Income Tax is a central bank scam tied to ... use of private Federal Reserve privilege. I've not paid it since 2007. I redeem lawful money and have no IRS issues. To those who refuse to believe, just assume I'm writing this in jail and Famspear is harvesting it from the collective mind and posting it for me (thanks monkey).

    ■ The final chapter of every unbacked fiat currency in history has been collapse.

    Fraud permeates Wall St. and the US financial sector. I've woken up to it, but you ain't seen nothing yet. You're witnessing little rivulets of freedom coming from the cracks. Cracks in the dam of oppression. Tons of anger has been building behind that wall, collecting into huge reservoirs. Not everyone will be as gracious as I towards the theft you've enabled. You may have heard: "We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us" (sounds a bit un-Christian to me). Or how about this?:
    Those cracks are growing, quatloser. Our Greek cousins will not be harnessed. Soon the derivative implosion will bust the central banking scam wide open, and great rivers of liberty will cascade across the globe and annihilate the cabal & everything downstream. A great flood of TRUTH & FREEDOM is coming, baby! And there's nothing you bankster minions can do to stop it. Our MARCH to freedom cannot be stopped!

    'bliged to ya for hearing on me. Ol Johnny han't more to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freedave View Post
    What I need to know is this: Would the creation of a special file by the IRS and the scrutinizing of the person's activities be triggered by demanding lawful money or by the 1040?

    I doubt it. I have heard it on fairly good authority that the IRS puts nothing into your file that you have not seen in the mail. If you have been sending a lot of things to the IRS then your file is bulky with all the stuff that you have been putting into it.

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    Fools' names and fools' faces are often seen in public places. Then it's safe to presume that the IRS has this (n)idiot(s)-(man) file congested with a simple questions asking * (of course they cannot answer) when addressed to me. Although now I sea why that they cannot answer me (i.e. live man) and they only correspond to the legal entity. They assume under valuable consideration that the person is a lunatic and appoint one of their trustees to gain your trust in them for you.
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