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Thread: Summons for jury duty

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    Summons for jury duty

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    I mailed this back to the clerk yesterday. I was torn between trying to get on a jury and have some court fun but then saw it as an opportunity to solicit a response.

    Do any of you think they will even respond?

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    Quote Originally Posted by osbogosley View Post
    I mailed this back to the clerk yesterday. I was torn between trying to get on a jury and have some court fun but then saw it as an opportunity to solicit a response.

    Do any of you think they will even respond?
    A summons to jury is pretty serious. Failure to show could result in a warrant for your arrest.
    I would show up to clear up any confusion directly with the clerk or whoever is the administrative official.

    Besides, you can get out of jury duty pretty easily if you wanted to.
    Start talking about jury nullification. See how quickly they'll work to get you out.
    My dad affirmed rather than swore the oath. He was dismissed.
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    I always just throw them in the circular file and have had no problems thus far. I think they have better things to do than arrest people for not showing up for jury duty. I doubt they will respond. fB

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    What state is "this state"? My intent is to give them the opportunity to tell me if they think I am a citizen of "this state".
    No response is agreement. So I build a record.
    I sent one back last yr. asking what good I could be of, on a military tribunal, as a peaceful civilian. Got no response.

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    Thanks for your sharing and scientific approach. I love it when time will tell. My guess is that they will write you a letter telling you that you have to appear.

    I have coached several people through this action. You tell the truth. Do not swear to be a resident unless you are one. Do you "reside" where your domicile is located?

    Is it your abode or your residence?

    So do not swear to anything that is false. "The peculiar uses of this word are to be noticed." Take note of Daniel WEBSTER; he was a pretty smart cracker.

    That is not all though. This is just a matter of swearing. Affirming instead of swearing is just the same thing but you would be depending on the judge's oath of office, that he has sworn. You defer the authority in his sworn oath to punish you for perjury anyway, just that you do not like to use God's name that way; to swear.

    If you do not like the idea that you might get into trouble refuse to swear or affirm.

    "As I understand it, if I swear or affirm then you might be able to punish me for perjury."

    The judge will likely let you go.

    On the form you have provided us, the fact that you have received it in the mail at your residential address is a pretty firm indication that you have plead the resident scam either with the electorate or with a driver license. It is a residential driver license bearing your confession that you are a resident. So with all that said, the judge will likely dismiss you rather than risk your patriot antics will call for a retrial.

    It may not work that way at all though. If you start talking jury nullification the judge may demand you be on the panel but be looking for the opportunity to hold you for a few hours and bag lunch on contempt. If you know about jury nullification, be very serious about this right and the law. Save it for deliberation and do not share it with the other jurors. If you spot a flaw in the law or how it is being applied though, call the judge on it quietly and in secret. Tell the bailiff you need to speak to the judge alone.

    The judge may be upset after all his admonitions about you are to remain ignorant and he is trying the law alone from the bench. But if you believe that the jury panel has that right, then like I say, be serious and ernest about your application of jury nullification. If you decide you are going to disrupt a trial with it, then you might find yourself in a concrete box for 28 days. No process, no hearings - contempt of court.

    Myself, I checked the statutes before reporting and found that I was only obligated to show up. I was not obligated to give any information. You are only bound to the statutes listed on the Notice. It looks like you will have to show us the back for me to look that up for you.

    I gave them no more information than they already had on the initial Sign-in Form. They complained but I just said it was private. They sent me into the courtroom and then passed out an additional questionaire, same thing. The defense attorney had an At Bar discussion but you could hear across the silent courtroom, Mr. Van Pelt will not fill out the questionaire. The judge asked her, Do you want me to ask him about that?

    She declined and I was selected for a three-day assault trial. I was selected to be the Foreman and we acquitted the fellow for lack of evidence; reasonable doubt. Some interesting things evolved around common law and jury nullification though. There was a former cop on the panel who disclosed to me about jury nullification - I had not heard about it. But mainly that the initial judge was pulled and a retired judge from out of the district was put in for the trial. The trial judge never said anything about him being the sole authority of the law. Whereas the initial judge was of that form during jury selection.

    I think my presence and performance actually converted the courtroom trial to a common law rendition of justice.

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    Within the confines of my own skin.
    Adding to that entry If home is in Heaven, technically within the confines of our skin and as we are sojourners upon this earth, a gift given that we will give to future generations how can we do anything else but camp while we are here?

    Phil 3:20 " For our conversation is in heaven "

    Camp; A collection of tents, huts, etc., for shelter, commonly arranged in an orderly manner.
    - Websters 1828 dictionary


    Jude, Chapter 1
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    Is there any other way to become a citizen other than to volunteer? If you act like one than you might be.

    When the census came it was addressed, To resident at. I gave it back and then the mailman wrote occupant instead. I gave it back again. To be on their jury you have to be both a resident and a citizen. It does say you don't have to show up if you are not qualified.

    I don't have an occupation or an employer as I do not dabble in commerce. If being born can cause one to be a citizen, then the state I might be a citizen of is not Texas.

    I'm offering them the chance to clear up just when they think I became a citizen.
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    Notice that you must be a citizen of this state, but the questionaire ask if you are a citizen of the U.S.

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    Thanks for supplying the backside.

    I suppose that is what you get for responding (registering an appearance) for a name that is not yours. You became a Person named "Occupant" after of course an attempt for you to be the Person "Resident". You are saying that the Jury Duty Notice arrived without being in your true or legal name? - And that you have actually mailed it back in? I of course presumed that you were registering appearance for the Person on your driver license or voter's registration. That is how it was done way back when I had any residential address. It turns out that the jury commissioner is using the Census?

    Now that you are Occupant the answers about your obligation are found at Government Code 62.0132.

    (d) A person who has received a written jury summons and a written jury summons questionnaire shall complete and submit the questionnaire when the person reports for jury duty.
    The form you got in the mail implies that this must be completed prior to you arriving. That aside though.

    The law states a requirement in Texas that whoever - agent of Jury Commissioners - sends out a Jury Summons is required to put that Questionaire on there. You are not issuing jury summonses! That law does not require you to do anything. I am presuming that you have a problem supplying that information to the parties described, including the litigant who might be a violent sociopath, the Defendant. You have registered to be a Person through the Census, as I am understanding your posts. Or maybe the Driver License or Voter Registration. However, that requirement is written into a law that applies only to people sending out jury summonses. When the rubber meets the road, and you are standing there refusing to fill out the information on jury selection day at the courthouse, they will not be able to find any thing to charge you with but contempt of court.

    Before the judge, who has not even been selected yet will throw you in a box for contempt, he will ask you to Show Cause why he should not. Explain what is above and he will at least give you a chance to fill out the form and play the game, don't you think? Considering how many people do not like to give out private and personal information, they probably just screen you out at the Jury Duty office meaning they likely have a magistrate there and it is his job to bully you a little before he sends you on your way.


    David Merrill.

    P.S. By the time the process is over in any scenario, no judge will be allowing you in his courtroom and you will never get another jury summons.

    P.P.S. If the Summons came addressed to any variation of ...Larry; Mann, like you signed it I believe your point is moot. You have volunteered to be what they want you to be - a citizen of the U.S. aka Resident in one of the States. The postman is not authorized to change recipient names like from Resident to Occupant. [Just as the legislature cannot pass a law upon Jury Commissioners that authorizes them to make up laws for you. Can you see the beauty of my approach? Even if you are exactly what they want you to be, citizen of the U.S., you are not subject to giving them the private information. But like with me, I was not only fit for jury duty I was voted in by the panel to be Foreman!] If the jury commissioner has the information to send it to you, then you volunteered the information; Information indicts. You have been indicted. Putting a semi-colon before your family name is actually a symptom of your psychotomimetic parataxic distortion - pseudonomania.
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    I never filled out a census. I have a license. I don't use it though. I don't conduct business when I use my truck.
    I'm native to this planet. I know the county judge personally and I really am interested in finding out from them how it is that I am a citizen of "this state" whatever that means.
    I heard on an audio that a supreme court judge ruled that the attaching of the surname to the name creates a person that may act in commerce.
    The jury duty notice came in the name of the person. I am choosing not to use that ability to act for the name as it is attached.
    My mom called me laurence david, the colb came to me with the surname attached and I was taught to act in commerce all the time. Now I'm trying to stay out of that commerce citizen roll. I'm looking at the way they word offers, isn't everything contract. There needs to be a fresh meeting of minds for me to enter their court.

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