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Thread: refuse for cause in illinois

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    refuse for cause in illinois

    Dec 2, 2011

    Name:  Parking Violation - Refused for Cause.jpg
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    Thank you for sharing that here Richard Earl!

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    This really has been uneventful which in itself worries me.

    no results are returned when searching on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Earl View Post
    This really has been uneventful which in itself worries me.

    no results are returned when searching on

    If your case does not appear on this link (presuming you have a subscription), then it would appear your Refusal for Cause was effective. You might look on PACER and view your filing in your Libel of Review too. Just for fun.

    I suppose the real test is next ticket or traffic stop. So you might get a certified copy from the USDC and put it in your glove box.

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    There is nothing on the public search section. I don't currently have a subscription. I am awaiting my Pacer subscription kit to arrive in the mail.

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    In my situation, the vehicle has plates from another jurisdiction (Canada).

    Unless they forward on a message to the department of motor vehicles there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Joseph View Post
    What may happen is what happened to me; I too refused for cause " no seat belt" and "no proof of insurance" tickets with the proper record of this refusal filed in the U.S. district court. There was no hearing set and the DL that I used was eventually suspended. My process was ignored since it never came before a "judge" in "court". When it came time for my wife to renew the registration on the car she uses, they denied her the renewel due to the DL suspension; both NAMES on the registration. I relented and paid the fine so as to avoid any roadside conflict for my wife and young children.

    I say that the matter must go to a court hearing so as to force them to deal with the R4C process in court. That would avoid the easy avoidance by ignoring the process and just suspending the license for "failure to pay the fine".

    If you don't care about the status of the DL, then all that doesn't matter at all.
    What process arrived to the secretary of state to suspend the license, a memo?

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    I went out to my vehicle yesterday to find the meter man walking up the street. He meandered around a bit before heading down the opposite direction on his cell phone. Other than that, to the refusal for cause..... no news.

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    If you are in the States with Canadian plates, parking citations are void. A ticket was only left in hopes that it would just get paid. A plate/VIN # needs to be in their system with the particular corporate STATE having a security interest in the vehicle as evidenced with a Certificate of Title. Apparently, for this citation, your efforts to obtain an evidence repository will come up empty. Enjoy the knowledge and satisfaction of having a repository for future use.

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    Thanks EZ;

    That makes a lot of sense.

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