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Thread: Small Business Owner here...

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    Small Business Owner here...

    Wow, I first heard about redeeming lawful money a few months ago on GLP and have been intrigued ever since, so I am
    definitely grateful that I found this forum.

    A little bit about myself, I own a small business here in California for the last few years and deal primarily in cash;
    so I think I just might get a rubber stamp and go to town on all the FRN's I have .

    Also, I have a lot of questions - but I wont ask them right now. We'll start with a hello-how-are-ya, and then go step by step.

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    Welcome Unknown!

    It is good to have you here. I think you have it down with making your demand known.

    The Lesson Plan in the Libel of Review is three part:

    1) know your identity
    2) learn record-forming
    3) redeem lawful money

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    Welcome, happy learning!

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    Welcome! Good to have you here!

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    Welcome! The more small business owners, the better. ...The heartbeat of America.

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