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Thread: Does anyone know...

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    Does anyone know...

    How to build a wind turbine?

    It's very windy here and I've been working on a blue print for a wind turbine. There are many plans on youtube that are interesting, and some that look as if they work fairly well.

    If anyone has done this or has seen a reasonable plan post it here!

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    There are some yahoo discussion groups which deal with the construction of wind turbines in great detail.
    The 12V DC Power group belonging to Steve SPENCE has a lot of members who have built them and I believe there is a dedicated windpower yahoo group.
    Steve's website green-trust dot org has some info on DIY wind turbines which you may find useful.

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    No. But if I were, Home Power Magazine is where I'd look first. Lots of resources & good info: These range from a cheap system built around an old junker's generator/alternator, up to multi-thousand dollar systems. Keep in mind the occasional HI-WIND storm and with lots of moving parts IT WILL require maintenance.
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    I check those links out. Maintenance will be required yes, but it would still be cheaper and smarter then paying for what they charge from the grid.

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    you may want to check out the vortex max and imparticular mark rodens "Roden Coil". you may be able to take the new winding and retrofit it to a lightweight car alternator. perhaps even an old tractor generator. Tractor generators were commonly used on early aircraft as electricity generators as well. they had a propeller that resembled a multi blade boat prop. i think there was a yhoo group called axiel flux that was experimenting with home built effecient motors/generators.

    there is a design that looks like half a wing that flip flops back and forth. They are preferred for water pumping or oxygenation of ponds. i have wondered if someone setup the same mechanizm like those shaking flashlights how they could perform with energy generation.

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    I love vortex math.

    Nature was my Teacher can lead to other explorations. Like flying wheels within wheels.
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    wish i had better retention. I feel i hardly know anything these days. Now i kinda fumble around with low tech and trial and error lol this looks about my understanding lol.
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    I was on a project with a venturi augmenter for a wind turbine in college. We won an award Engineering Days, an annual exhibition. The next year I exhibited an vortex augmenter that I built on a red kite with wire kite string.

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