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Thread: Hello All

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    Hello All

    Ok, so I found the right folder to post.

    I was wondering if there is a format to follow to bring you up to speed.

    I feel kinda lost, but think I understand the basics of redeeming lawful money.


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    Welcome to the forums Gavilan, happy learning!

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    Hello and good day.
    I have just found this site this week and have spent many hours thus far attempting to absorb as much as possible from those of you that have been kind enough to elaborate in detail. I hope to join you in your quest for the truth and remedy and, in the short term at least, improve my present position with the IRS. I see others that have filed using those methods described in CtC have found their way here in hopes of finding a flicker of hope. If any have done so please feel free to expound so that I might learn and apply as appropriate. In the meantime I have much to read.
    Thanks to all.

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