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Thread: Arrested for no license

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    Fence straddles, Is or is you fenced on the fence or [offence ] off the fence gettin fenced in. Draw the line needs no defence for trespass find the defendant in the offences staying in honour C/O its not my fence mend it or defend it.Travel is never essential unless its your emergency if your outta smokes deem it so when one is intersecting points at will He/She is not in Commercial conveyance without direction not following orders or rid in blind accepting offers and denying self are two beasts line them up or its a wasted bullet .Do [you] know why I stopped you and pulled YOU offer . I am a prudent Man/wo if you have declared a emergency Sir/madame its a private affair and it was Me who merely assisted you with pulling to one side to assist in a public emergency I can assure you as a person i have no trust in you as a fellow Peace officer and a Wo/Man how can i help.If this is the Me truth [how can YOU forget truth and lye]
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