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Thread: Colorado Priesthood vehicle plate

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    Colorado Priesthood vehicle plate

    Check this; I've never seen the like...

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    They are pretty rare but I have seen them on occasion.

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    We have them here. Not sure why you call it a priesthood.

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    Masonry likes to mock biblical offices (spiritual enlightenment through ritual initiation). Priestcraft benefits are that endorsement Judges In robes chambers court. A presbyterian church is mocking a courtroom with its identical floor plan. and the judge is mocking justice. Catholicism is the club of Rome the club that beats the shit outta spiritual enlightenment But its big on ritual . Is the Christ the ritual or the mockery of redemption . Religious was the last supper dutch . Riddles & Ritual allegory & parable .Plenty of beaver down at the lodge ,

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    The authority to build Solomon's Temple. Then the returned "Jew" coming back to finish the Wall around it. That sort of thing?

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    Freemasonry has its own god or hero (Hiram Abiff).

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    The authority to build Solomon's Temple. Then the returned "Jew" coming back to finish the Wall around it. That sort of thing?
    It is clear that while Hiram (King of Tyre) assisted King Solomon at the building of the first Temple, there is no mention whatsoever in Scripture of any “Hiram Abiff.” This character is in fact a Masonic invention Hiram as an alternative Christ.God sends no one away empty except those who are full of themselves.” Masons aren't all arrogant and high-minded. but. enlightenment is about superiority, pride and recognition.and building temples. No redemption at any masonic level. Destruction of testimony is the temple s wall.

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    Maybe the Lost Word is "No."?

    Hiram ABIFF is in the red box.

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    I went to the top again, the Opening Post.

    Legally these plates are equivalently Veteran or other honorable positions. I think they call them Specialty Plates. You can get a variety and I presume Vets and Masons are "vetted"; meaning they make sure you are a veteran or Mason before you can put them on "your" car.

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