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Thread: A brief history of Birth Certificates

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    You are welcome MJ;

    That may be particularly interesting to aware people in the Carolinas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    Thank you for posting Shikamaru. I know lacing a post with links takes a deliberate effort.

    Walter, please style your posts so that paragraph structure keeps your points clear and together. Mostly though I find it difficult to tell when you are quoting or not. Sorry to mention it but I find your posts difficult to read.

    We are trying to correct that character replacement problem.
    i am not familiar with how to use this format on this forum yet,
    i tried posting documents but can't,
    i don't know how you guys get the blue words to reference a point of interest linked to other documents or web site,

    Shikamaru, most of the stuff you posted referring to my post is exactly to the point i am trying to make,
    i can't respond to your points with out making it difficult to read for the reason mentioned above,
    sorry for my ignorance on how to use computers,

    but your link to wiki info:

    Equitable versus legal title

    The equitable title is the right to obtain full ownership of property, where another maintains legal title to the property. legal title is actual ownership of the property. When a contract for the sale of land is executed, equitable title passes to the buyer. When the conditions on the sale contract have been met, legal title passes to the buyer in what is known as closing. Legal and equitable title also arises in trust. In a trust, one person may own the legal title, such as the trustees. Another may own the equitable title such as the beneficiary.[2]

    says it all, usufruct,

    equitable title = beneficiary ( having the benefit of holding that title, that's what i mean by benefit title holder)
    legal title = trustee

    all charges or easements are on the legal side of the title, they have to be because the charges and easements are created in the legal world,
    the government is holding the legal side of the title,
    should not the legal title holder be liable for these legal charges?

    the beneficiary becomes liable when they use the government created name on the bc,
    bc = federal employee

    federal employee = trustee

    until that is corrected the problem remains,

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post

    I believe it is a matter of which estate you choose - mammon or God.

    Many feel compelled to choose the mammon system and I understand and do not judge. Mainly because the remedy - redeeming lawful money is for persons who wish to terminate the status of state bank with the Federal Reserve. So it applies to persons. I have decided on my new World ID Card and Passport to have a Date of Birth again. The Name field which is actually used for Surname will remain blank. If a customs officer runs David Merrill and the DoB they will likely find a full legal name and inquire if it is my name? At that time I will be able to choose whether or not IT serves me to have or to "own" it. I will be making easement on to that survey - what I am calling mammon in this post.
    I was looking up 18 USC § 1621 - PERJURY GENERALLY @ And stumbled on this page is 22 CFR Part 51 – PASSPORTS.

    These are the laws for the people, by the people of the United States The United States Code is the codification by subject matter of the general and permanent laws of the United States

    @ 28 USC § 3002 - Definitions | Title 28 - Judiciary and Judicial Procedure | U.S. Code | LII / Legal Information Institute.

    Scroll down to 15 and read A, B, C if you want to know who and what a citizen of the UNITED STATES is in 28 USC § 3002 - Definitions.

    A Private Federal Corporation (PFC), also known as a Federal Government Corporation (FGC), is a corporation which has been established by the Federal Government.

    Court Rules

    Back to the passports.

    22 CFR 51.42 - Persons born in the United States applying for a passport for the first time. | Title 22 - Foreign Relations | Code of Federal Regulations | LII / Legal Information Institute

    22 CFR 51.42 - Persons born in the United States applying for a passport for the first time states:
    To get a passport if you don’t have Primary evidence of birth in the United States it says in (b) Secondary evidence of birth in the United States.

    If the applicant cannot submit a birth certificate that meets the requirement of paragraph (a) of this section, he or she must submit secondary evidence sufficient to establish to the satisfaction of the Department that he or she was born in the United States. Secondary evidence includes but is not limited to hospital birth certificates, baptismal certificates, medical and school records, certificates of circumcision, other documentary evidence created shortly after birth but generally not more than 5 years after birth, and/or affidavits of persons having personal knowledge of the facts of the birth.

    So how many women you know have had a FGM?

    Funny how some lawmakers are using the law like in Arizona GOP to Obama: Show Us Your Circumcision Certificate.
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    The right of self determination. Personal secession will solve most of your problems. Absent agreement, absent full disclosure and your notice, coupled with a peace agreement, treaty, changes ones status from citizen and combatant to that of full sovereign.

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    What is this peace agreement and treaty you speak of, FB? I can't even get the Federal Reserve to admit that lawful money exists... After you make your demand for lawful money, which demand constitutes an appearance, thus collapsing the trust and reverting the res to you, you are no longer in contract with the Fed/Treasury/Federal government. What further steps do you see being needed to stop being a 14th Amendment citizen, and federal employee?

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