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Thread: Terrible 1313 Revisited by Jo HINDMAN

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    Terrible 1313 Revisited by Jo HINDMAN

    I wish to share the experience of reading my newest gift - an original edition of Terrible 1313 Revisited (1963). A couple years ago now, as SuiJuris 1 was faltering for lack of Admin a fellow member commissioned me to run up to Denver where the Municipal League archives are stored. When I told the archiver that I was commissioned to research 1313 she gave it special import as though my unnamed client might be Illuminatti. She was very helpful and let me have free run of the copy machine, which all hardcopies have been mailed to said client, after I scanned them all in. I was free with my camera too!

    My destiny seems in alignment with my heritage in that this was going down as I was born, I have a perpetual inheritance in the Patroons of NY and my Bill of Exchange cites the Freedoms and Exemptions granted to Patroons. Re: A Beautiful Mind by Oppie CUNNINGHAM the reader must keep in mind that the patterns I see may be like that shed by the creek with yarn and thumbtacks but just the same I see them: for example correct me if I am wrong but exactly 30-Day Judgment after ignoring this Settlement, August 13, 2001 was Judgment Day on September 11th? So you might understand better why I think the details, like WASHINGTON being sworn in by an improper quorum (look at NY on the Constitution - only Alexander HAMILTON - the central bank advocate?) on the steps of the Grand Lodge of NY by NY Chief Justice Robert LIVINGSTON, the current Grand Master has some significant bearing on the course of this fine nation.

    So please enjoy reading Terrible 1313 Revisited along with me. I will make some commentary as we go. I intend to attach the pages I have read as we proceed and maybe accumulate them in the downloads areas when I am finished.


    David Merrill.

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    Chapter One:

    The top of Page 17 brings to mind Governor Arnold, an actor suddenly a State Governor. He came to Colorado Springs for a three-week seminar at the UN styled Center for Creative Leadership. As you cross the first ridge you see the Center in the distance like the City of Oz.

    The top of Page 23 discloses the "river system" approach. This smacks of admiralty and the groundwork, survey and foundation for the Libel of Review. - Go into the admiralty by special visitation with ministerial authority (embassy) and establish the common law on land. This fellow, living off the grid in the middle of the City still lives in peace according to state court prayer.
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    Chapter Two:

    This chapter brings to the front of my mind the Credit River Money Decision and how the township jury was so maligned by the Minnesota Supreme Court. Along with this story is Jerry MAAS, long time clerk of the Township and his resignation letter:

    Letter: Maas explains reasons for withdrawing from Credit River clerk race

    Submitted by Lori Carlson on February 16, 2010 - 2:19pm.

    To the Credit River Township Board and residents:

    As you are all aware, township elections are to be held on March 9, and I have again filed for the position of clerk. When it came time to file for re-election this year, I had a number of thoughts on whether or not I should seek to continue in this position; there were several reasons for my uncertainty.

    First, and foremost was the fact that a large number of residents had, and still do, support me and my personal feeling is that that carries with it a responsibility on my part to honor that support.

    Secondly, I felt that I had a good idea of what the position involved and that I was doing a pretty good job at fulfilling the requirements of that position. I also felt that with 11 years of experience on the board and as clerk that this was valuable to the township.

    However, in the last few months, the requirements of this position are taking their toll on my physical and emotional well-being. I will be 69 years old this summer and, yes, things begin to crop up when age begins to set in. This is a demanding, detailed and stressful position. For example, I’ve calculated that over the past 11 years. I’ve attended over 150 five-hour meetings on the first Monday of every month and then had the responsibility to transcribe those proceedings in the form of meaningful minutes. That works out to over seven months of one’s life where your evening has been spent at the town hall.

    Recognizing that I was reaching the limit physically, I contemplated filing for the supervisor’s position, thinking that the time requirements might be less and my experience might still be drawn upon. I waited until the final day to complete my filing. I had sought the advice of a number of my friends and associates, and each recommended that I seek re-election as clerk.

    The recent allegations by a Credit River resident point out that feelings are running deep on certain issues, particularly the question as to what form of government should be adopted.

    Personally, I have not taken a position on the subject of incorporation, not that it makes a difference because the clerk does not vote on the issue. My only desire has been that the board gets enough information to facilitate a good decision. The other allegations made date back two to three years, and while there is a plausible and reasonable explanation for each, I don’t feel that arguing out such detail in the newspaper will accomplish anything at this time.

    I find that I am now unable to carry on this campaign while continuing to perform my ongoing, day-to-day duties and still contribute to other areas of my life. My family has advised me that they just can’t see me giving my life over to this work anymore and point out that we don’t know how much time we will be able to enjoy together and wonder why I would put this position in front of being with them. I have three grown children and 11 grandchildren who very much wish that I would spend my remaining years close to them.

    At the same time, I am also finding that this election process is costing me long-established friendships that I do not wish to jeopardize, especially when one realizes that I do not have an active vote in the decisions that affect the future of the township, only my opinions

    When one considers that the basic functions of the clerk consist of oversight over the township records, filing papers, recording and compiling minutes and publishing and “tacking” notices to the town information board, one begins to realize that many people can perform these duties very admirably. As many of you are aware, I have extended my role by emphasizing communications with the residents on my own time and, while appreciated by a large number of my constituents, this has been met with considerable opposition on the part of a few and, quite frankly, it’s not worth it for all of the reasons previously listed
    Underlined there, it would seem that some people were attacking Jerry simply for proposing the alternatives to incorporating the Township into the State.

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    The municipal jurisdiction moves extraterritorially which is of course international and maritime in nature. This video depicts the frustration people feel being arraigned (Do you understand the nature and cause of the accusation?) into admiralty when they are supposedly attending proceedings in common law on the land.

    Ergo the Libel of Review (in America) based on diversity of citizenship. We (suitors) enter the admiralty by special visitation to notify the US government that we are men and women on the land. Municipal police did not comply and released the judges; all in support of an advanced condition of METRO 1313 organization, as Jo HINDMAN was predicting in 1963.


    David Merrill.

    P.S. About that video;

    I do not believe any judge is obligated to testify about his oath of office, or provide it. Rather the defendant (anybody for that matter) can find in the constitutions and legislation where the oaths of office for any officer are provided for a reasonable fee.
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    I have finished Chapter 3:

    Page 38, near the bottom speaks of the State of Dade - Miami, in Dade County where 1313 was birthed, a pilot program. One peculiar outcome of METRO is when a City of grows to the territorial boundaries of the County where the City is seated. The electorate changes in nature to municipal, rather than what it was before - the County being of the State. One effect is that when somebody is prosecuted for evasion of State income tax, they are transported to Denver for the proceedings, rather than to be prosecuted in the county where they live. Denver County is the model for Colorado Home Rule Cities and Towns, formed under Article XX of the Colorado constitution. - Resignation of judiciary, I call it.

    The combinatorics of UN Charter Law prevail in Denver because the City of Denver has sprawled to the County of Denver borders, in the same manner that all of the Five Boroughs border-to-border are occupied by the City of Manhattan, City of The Bronx, City of Brooklyn, City of Staten Island and the City of Queens.

    Here is a prime example of Home Rule overriding the constitutions.

    Page 41, near the top - "There you have it, in the words of a Metro high priest." I am sure by the writing style that HINDMAN meant this figuratively but look at the breastplate of the Levite here:

    Page 43 - remember the link to the video above, where we ebike down the hill to the Center for Creative Leadership; Where Actors become Governors as I like to add? Consider all that territory I ebiked across. That was all private land and under METRO charter it has been designated Open Spaces here. That is what those "public" lands are called. The original owner/investors are allowed to still own those plats but they are not allowed to develop them in any way - even to put up a fence. There is one "landowner" who put up No Trespassing signs on the corners of his property but I am sure those signs were an infraction of the METRO ordinances and are gone by now. I should go look. His plat is on a steep hill to the left in the video so there were no trails on it, but any trails quickly become prescriptive easement and all he can do is put up those signs to attempt to prevent any trails from forming because once formed he cannot enforce his property rights at all!


    David Merrill.
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    The same kind fellow who gave me the book has turned up some interesting links:

    Villanova U holds it in their library - unusual, what other schools have it?
    other []of course []

    also in Google books

    alibris has a hardcopy - used v good condition ~$26

    powell's - portland,d.cGE

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    Many cities and towns in Europe were established by guilds.

    The founders of the guilds were also administrators of the municipality.

    From guilds, we also receive universities or a guild of students, teachers, and scholars.

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    Of course! I once heard that when Adam WEISHAUPT was looking for foundations he was thinking about a reading club (literary guild) but chose the Freemasons instead - the Bavarian Seers developing into the formal Illuminatti. I have always thought it mysterious that at the Mason Museum we find a rendition of George WASHINGTON that looks far more like Adam WEISHAUPT.

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    Chapter 4 was entertaining.

    I think that Urban Renewal succeeded in spite of Jo's hopes and remedies of 1963. Like I showed you in modern form Open Spaces where the owners still own the land but heaven forbid they develop it! That is just one example.

    The more disturbing example here in Colorado Springs is how many years ago when the people voted down a new courthouse they got one anyway, complete with a new jail tower for all the inmates claimed by the new courthouse!

    The people voted not to do it but the METRO organization machinery decided it necessary.

    I brought this state court prayer up before in this thread. When the suitor and I were contemplating the bond necessary under the (admiralty) 2X Bond Rule E we thought it through. I had just finished my first reading of Legal Identity; The Coming of Age of Public Law by Joseph VINING. VINING's elegant writing style is rich with many points but the book in its entirety meant to me at that time that when we stand in our true names, we are stripped of TITLE and therefore are class action. We all have the basic same needs or maybe rather a title MAN or WOMAN.

    When the CITY came and left notice that he had to call them to inspect his off-the-grid home so they could decide whether or not to tear it down that left us pondering what was the difference between this suitors lot/land and the people across the street? We found no difference except of course perception rather than knowledge. The man across the street was every bit by all appearances as much a man as any:

    It seemed obvious the difference was null. The bond therefore was being provided by the endorsers - the national debt then at $5.5T. On March 14 as indicated the stock market dropped by $11T as the US paid the bond, rather than face arrest. It was a bail bond and the City has left the fellow alone ever since.

    When the manager of the Codes Enforcement retired a few years back some agents came over and spoke briefly with the suitor. When he would start disclosing details about his setup they actually would cover their ears and blah-blah-blah like five-year olds. They explained the new CE Manager just wanted a formality and would forget about him.

    An eccentric neighbor kept calling police on his "illegal house" and reported him for "stealing electricity" several times. Once the police came and have never responded to her pestering.

    The state court prayer is a work of art so far as I am concerned. It breaks down the power of words nicely. You will have to spend some time perusing it to appreciate it though. The results, the man living in peace outside the scope of METRO authority describe its power and authority in reality. Gadolinium 157 is the standard of the Table of Relative Weights that best optimizes it for maximum resonance (wholest whole numbers). However Germanium 72 works just as well. If you have ever encountered the 72-Fold Name of God (Exodus 14:19-21, each verse is 72 letters long) then you might make some sense out of that and comprehend why it was no surprise at all.


    David Merrill.

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    Please excuse my ignorance but when the U.S. "paid the bond", who did they pay it to? who received the funds? What became of the "money"?

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