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Thread: Hello from Denver

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    Thank you David.

    And thank you other members.

    Sorry for the delay. This life is like spinning plates. It took awhile for me to get back to this plate.

    After learning much from Dean Clifford and Billy Foust, there is still sooooo much to learn.

    David, it will take a while to digest your posts in this thread. However, in the meantime, I will PM you.

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    That "astounding success story" is nothing more than a clerk error.

    P.S. 901 19th Street - Room A105.
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    FEMA Region VIII, formerly Denver, CO
    Hi Reggie,

    I'm just getting started with all this myself and just moved to Denver in February this year. Have had some luck opening an account and depositing checks for lawful money (goodbye direct deposit). Did you ever get the evidence repository set up and how can I do this here in FEMA Region VIII, formerly Denver, Colorado?

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    I still think of it as Denver - of course excepting the Federal Center there in Littleton. Your mental paradigm is the essence of your metaphysics.

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