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Thread: Amplified Clerk Instruction

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    Amplified Clerk Instruction

    One clever suitor backs his right to keep an evidence repository with the US Code.
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    P.S. The suitor decided to tone it down... wise.

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    If your recorder is honest and smart you will have no trouble and he will record your paperwork, the law
    does not give him the right to make a legal determination of what to file and what not to file.
    That is the
    courts duty. However, if he does question you, ask him (these are the three questions mentioned

    (1) to show in your states code what his job is. Point out to him the law (it’s the same in every
    state or close enough for government work); if he still does not record your documents, then

    (2) demand a copy of his surety bond and

    (3) the name of his insurance carrier for that bond

    Inform him that it is CYA time (cover your assets) because you intend to file a claim with his insurance
    company against his bond. A lot of them are duped and don’t know they are being used. At this point he
    is going to start hollering for risk management (the banker’s boys). This is when risk management
    usually caves in. Some may be obstinate and continue to fight but eventually they can’t handle the
    pressure. If risk management gets stubborn you can also file against their surety bond too. When the
    insurance company, who looks at it dispassionately, tells them that if they continue they will lose and
    lose big, they capitulate. You might also inform the recorder of what the consequences are when he
    loses, which he will do, because the law is on your side, even in their own kangaroo courts. Those
    consequences are a loss of deductible. If the loss is big enough he loses pension, benefits, and eventually
    if it goes so far that he is convicted of denying your constitutional right, he loses his job, house and the
    whole nine yards. Oh yes, you get the house and assets, so it is worth pursuing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    Three strikes against Dunn and Bradstreet is a great approach.
    Interesting the Public Official Bond is in the penal sum of Five Thousand Dollars lawful money of the United States of America.
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