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Thread: Happy Day for One Suitor

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    Happy Day for One Suitor

    This happens a lot more than I report, especially this time of year.

    David, as you my recall I too started making a demand for lawful beginning in 2012. Payment(s) transacted in 2012 was a small bi-weekly salary and whenever larger distribution payments. The attached refund check is from the US Treasury now I'll wait for a State refund.
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    Thank You, David! ...Always enjoy success testimony.

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    You are welcome.

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    This is something I have not seen before on that check:

    and on another note look how the FRB is trying to push its paper for a discount.

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    Thanks for the link but will you please be more specific what you see on the check I attached?

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    well, the State refund arrived today. No biggie because when you get the Fed to refund you are guaranteed a refund from the State.

    When one has his mind wrapped around remedy compliance is expected.

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