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Thread: Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance: A Brief History

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    In New York, Governor Rockefeller recently appointed
    a distinguished committee to study means of improving our
    "outdated, inequitable, slow and expensive system for compensating
    accident victims." - In announcing the appointment,
    Governor Rockefeller stated, "It is time to bring
    our accident compensation out of the horsedrawn era into
    which it was born, and into the motorized age which it is
    supposed to serve."
    The re-examination of the subject of compensation of
    victims of automobile accidents which is presently in process
    in New York -State, and, indeed, throughout the
    country, will, of necessity, include a review of the history
    of automobile liability insurance. This article will present
    such a review, with particular emphasis on the goals of our
    insurance system as it developed, and its successes and
    failures in meeting such goals. Because of the author's
    participation in the administration of the present "compulsory"
    insurance system in New York, this article will
    deal primarily with the history of automobile insurance in
    that state, although it is hoped that the problems and
    solutions discussed will have general application throughout
    the country.

    First I want you to notice the name of the man behind the "compulsory" "motor vehicle" insurance scam, also notice the attached .PDF files clearly show that the "motor vehicle" laws apply to commercial activities. How the nation has been swindled by these criminals
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