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Thread: Is a bank required to have adequate cash (FRN) on hand to cash out a large check?

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    Quote Originally Posted by allysman4evr View Post

    I'm new to this forum site and upon reading much of this thread I was just wondering what harm there would actually be in completing the aforementioned application (and the thumb print, and..whatever else the bank requires to get my cash) since it may indeed be part of bank policy? Don't get me wrong, I would love to avoid all the hassle and invasion of privacy junk I'd be subjected to, but I'm not yet at that level of feeling confidant enough to engage the banksters in the manner in which you gentleman (or women) have suggested. I would appreciate any advice or encouragement you can muster as I will be entering my local BofA (as a non-customer) on Monday morning to cash a $10,000+ check (Allstate auto claim settlement), drawn on their Atlanta, GA branch (I'm in CA) I am doing it this way as I am not interested (nor do I have the time) in having my own bank (BBVA Compass) place a 3-7 day hold on said funds request.

    Secondly...would you recommend I take my check directly to the teller window, or, should I "sign in" and wait for a "desk jockey", or manager, to address my request with? I am willing to quote 12 U.S.C. § 411 : US Code - Section 411 on the endorsement line, though, I'm not sure what kind of look I'll receive upon doing that

    Thanks in advance for any wisdom you may offer on this matter.

    Welcome to the forums!

    I hear no gist about any looks Magnus got for redeeming lawful money. His point was that he did not need a SSN. Very true.

    I do not have a SSN myself. And in the situation Magnus did not have a SSN. This probably requires a transform or paradigm shift about ownership. This is the Lesson Plan for new suitors.

    1) identity
    2) record forming
    3) redeeming lawful money

    Since Magnus has been studying for a while I presume his State ID card is signed True Name... First and Middle only. When he uses it he should explain that the State required he make up that trust name but it is better functionally than ID cards from other sources than government.

    Having no bank account and minimal ID (a state ID card I got merely for the purpose of being able to cash checks at banks and postal money orders without hassle) I will take checks that I receive in payment to a branch of the bank upon which the check is drawn and cash them there.
    I sense a little conditioning but if you think it through, the State ID card is a much higher ID card than the State Driver License - at least it is designed for identification whereas there are actually state statutes I have seen specifying that the Driver License, quite like the SS Card is not to be used for identification purposes. The driver license is competency evidence but it has a photograph and is very handy because it tags the competency to the driver by likeness of the photograph and physical description. This takes a while to grasp too - like my having no SSN.

    This is from a transcript that a suitor shared in the brain trust.

    That snapshot is for the revenue cause admission but it also demonstrates that the ID Card is for identification and is purchased and remains in possession of the "owner".

    If you Search for Crosstalk you may get some insight that there is a brain trust in the background and often it is much easier to just bring a brain trust broadcast Copy and Paste here than rewrite about a topic. Suitors in the brain trust have evidence repositories (2) record forming. Taking these actions and especially executing a default judgment help bring the new suitor through a series of revelations like about possession and ownership.

    Magnus did not have a State ID card until he produced one at the bank.

    It may be difficult to wrap your mind around that and then, maybe not.
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    Interesting subject on ID cards. Googled ID card looks like a driver license, but is used for identification purposes only.

    Here is what some had to say,1607,7...668---,00.html

    There are two types of identification licenses which may be obtained for identification purposes only. No testing is required (LOL) Why thank you.

    Identification (ID) cards. DMV issues ID cards to persons of any age. The ID card looks like a driver license, but is used for identification purposes only. A regular ID card is valid for six years, and a senior citizen ID card is valid for 10 years. To qualify for a senior citizen ID card, you must be age 62 or older.

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    Browsing one of the above links, I found this quote:

    Any applicant who does not have a Social Security Number (SSN) shall complete an affidavit, under penalty of perjury, affirming that the applicant has never been issued a SSN,

    If someone has been issued a SS, how does one get around this?

    Or, if the SS is already on the drivers license application on file, how does one get around the clerk to correct it?

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    hello all,

    iam new to this forum as of today, but with many years now of studying you all's hard work and research.
    i was wondering if any could help with a question i have regarding SSN being required to cash paycheck as i have read in this thread
    it would not be required. although this thread is of an older sort, could there have been changes to law that does now require such(SSN)?
    i am having issues with getting my paycheck paid at a local institution for it being an amount over 3000$. i do not work for a foreign entity
    and the owner of bank has known me all my life but still insists on the SSN to get my payment. i am posting a copy of email sent from one of his lackeys
    as per his supposed regulation to ask for SSN. i cannot find where any legislation has been changed in the past year as to these purtaining to me.


    I have come up with the following information for you….

    “Pursuant to the Federal Code of Regulations 31 CFR Chapter V, all banks (not just AimBank) are required to comply with regulation written and enforced by OFAC. This includes regular screening of bank transactions and customers in order to prove compliance with these rules. If AimBank (or any financial institution) did not prove compliance with OFAC and similar identification requirements, considerable penalties would most likely affect the bank’s ability to support its customers and community.”

    This is one of the many rules/laws the banking industry has to follow as a result of 9-11-01 that we all have to live by.

    Let me know if you have other questions on this.

    am i wrong but would their customer need to be vetted for suspicious activity under these rules? and are they perhaps suggesting their customer is of some nefarious organization? this company i work for is one of the biggest in my small town, which no one is considering the company a bad group. im sure it is just more run around because banks are notorious for but why in just the past month have things changed? as i say i cannot find any chanes that would effect me in this . could any of you all help in this regard if you have any insight or experience dealing with this type of situation?

    thank you for your consideration

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    It probably falls into "identification requirements" of the bank.

    Your post seems to lack an important piece of information. Do you have an account? Or are you cashing the check at your boss's bank? I think that either a trust account # or SSN is required to open an account. If you supply a trust account # the First Trustee must provide the SSN too.

    I came across something when declined for a fishing license due to not providing a SSN.

    Now if you look up that citation you find the Sporting Goods store is responsible to provide that information. Then you look even closer to find that the SSN is not for identification purposes but that the SSA has been allowed by Congress to share the number for "identification purposes".

    So there you have it. At least this smacks of it. The OCC and Homeland Security have the bank manager, not you. "Your" SSN still remains private. But you need that paycheck and if your pal at the bank cannot help you through your privacy issues then I doubt the bank on the other corner will.

    Learn trust law. I have found that I came to peace with these things and am much, much happier after doing so. Another approach is my Lesson Plan. We have developed novel process in central banking, outside the scope of central banking - Redemption. So far, so good. If you look at the Albany Remand keep in mind please that for these several "incidents" there are probably a thousand successful lawful money refunds of withholdings. Plus that we can find the mistake that any IRS attorney would have seen in the demand/return process for these "incidents".

    The frivolous penalty stalls. We have only seen one 2645C Letter and that is always good news! It usually means full refunds are on the way. Even including penalties and interest for the delay after your claim was made.

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    forgive me for not putting those critical pieces of info in the post. no i do not have a bank account and it is boss's bank. i have been getting paid through this same bank now in the same process i've used for years now until recently (about a month ago) when i was refused payment. i did clearly ask them to provide what law made it compulsory for me to provide an SSN. if no recent changes to law then i am thinking i am dealing with an over zealous "patriot fool" or am i being foolish to not give in as my wife would call it? i do have reservations with doing so, in fact the owner of bank asked me
    " what do you do when your doctor asks for your SSN?"
    to which i replied "its none of his business", his surprised look was one for the ages. is this just conditioning on their part? or is this really lawful?

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    Cashed this one a week ago or so at a bank where I had no account. If I don't have the SS card on me ... then I can honestly say: I don't have a SSN. If the check is made out to LEGAL NAME then I can provide IT's SSN and still owe no tax on the income because I've redeemed lawful money. LEGAL NAME only used the Federal Reserve system as fiscal agent of the government to demand U.S. notes in the form of FRNs - lawful money. By law. See

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    ok thanks for the responses, so i am to go ahead and supply SSN since the name on check is to B_-_-_-_ Keith B_-_-_-_-_ lower case (if that means anything)? i am not too familiar with trust law so i will spend some time studying these topics in the future. i have read some of te posts in that area but they seem so cryptic for my shallow mind to comprehend but i will sure give it a look.
    thanks again

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    The larger issue is ... will you endorse private credit (of the Federal Reserve)?

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    marcel, no i do not , i do not have a stamp i just write my demand. have been since mid year 2012 with no bank account. but as far as SSN goes and agencies asking for same, is it not a violation of privacy act ( 42 usc 408 (8) )

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