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Thread: The Book of Jonamiah

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    Then spake John the Plumber, of the Texas cohort, saying I am advanced in years, well past fifty, and I have fought the enemy using every weapon formed against him for more than thirty years, yet received I no victory until I demanded lawful money, using truth I obtained from both Peter and David.
    Blessed is he who keeps from stumbling over me.

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    In accord with the Law it is proclaimed that one must maketh Demand.

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    Chapter 5
    Traveling by right

    AND I came to pass an officer who hideth in the wood. He stopped me saying, Dost thou know why I stopped thee? I know many things, saith I, but reading minds is not among them. He spake, Your cart travel exceeding fast, beyond the limit. I am sorry mine cart offend thee, I said unto him, it were not my intent. Nonetheless he wrote and handeth the ticket to me. Now, this was before I fileth the LoR. Then I appearing before the magistrate said, I have reason to believe you chargeth a fictional entity, not me. And I'm the Easter Bunny, saith another officer standing beside him. Then I appeal my case before the judge.
    Now, I had reason to speak such after hearing talk of a right to travel from Planet Merrill, and of things done to my name. This wert mine chance to test such talk and did file a paper into this case saying I were not this JOHN SURNAME charged but a living man, True Name. At the appointed time, before I uttereth a word, the judge dismissed my case, and many other appealers beside saying, Not responsible, lack of prosecution. At this I praised God thinking, Wow, that were easy.

    Then with more interest I listeneth to such StSC talk, of things called the COLB, identity, the name, and trusts. At my next stop I spake that which I learn saying, Officer I showeth the license for competency (to drive) not for identification. Then did I receive only a warning. Many other times too I speak such yet the officer always desireth the NAME from me, and sometimes useth artful means to get it.

    Once wilst traveling and singing song mine cart weave about the road. Patrol stoppeth me again saying, It is a lane violation, for thou signal it not. I answereth, There being none on the highway to signal to, save you who hideth. At another stop I do not identify with the NAME and the officer appearing vexed asketh, hath thee medication and forget to take it? Nay, sayeth I. Shouldst thee be on meds? he spake. HA, thou art a comedian, I saith and he sendeth me off without citation.

    One morning as I travel to work was I stopped for some violation. Then I handeth over the DL saying the words that worketh like magic, not answering for the NAME on it. Nonetheless the ticket was issued and I send it back to his Boss: Refused For Cause (R4C) timely with a copy to mine evidence repository and another to my court of record. Then did Counsel send it back to me and asketh me to pay it. Then did I see it were merely a request, not a requirement. I ignore the letter and nothing whatsoever came of it. Thanks be to God.

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    They do seem to be very polite about it!

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    Chapter 6
    Jonamiah Stands Against It

    AND it came to pass my hand would no more write the monthly mortgage check. For by this time the pieces had fell into place. I knew the homeseller was paid, and for many years the bank collecteth the loan plus interest on new elastic currency created from thine own signature! It were a currency scam, plain and simple. A confidence game. Though it be a very good scam run with government actors. Indeed, The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind. Who can stand against it? I prayed, O God let me be a friction to slow the banks' machine of oppression tho it seem little, and hasten the day of freedom for my people. I stood against it. I establish a lawful money bank account, signing for the U.S. person. And draineth mine retirement account, exiting the rigged market, and redeeming it in lawful money bought items of substance, which the cabal & inflation could not touch. And I transact in lawful money, silver & gold, and bitcoin (a digital currency). And if thine credit card debt were likewise created as from thin air, and unsecured, what need have I to pay it?

    I R4C'd the bank notices in a manner similar to the traffic citations. The bank wrote I was in default but I refused it and therefore the bank could not get past first base. Now, at the hearing of this was JesseJames the naysayer troubled, saying, by not paying his mortgage further costing Americans more in taxes. This was quite telling, why shouldst other taxpayers pay thine bank mortgage? A bank can never lose? And if thine nonpayment cause a greater bailout, then may it force the issue & serve to wake the multitude asleep to the fraud. And I tell Famspear, Wait it is even better, now the bank payeth my property tax.

    It is a confidence game; and when confidence fades, the con ends. Verily I say unto you, The hour cometh when the Federal Reserve note hath no value.

    I heard the tale of Eastern gold, how the cabal stole it in exchange for Federal Reserve bonds that if presented for redemption the banksters would have confiscated & declared fraudulent; a devilish plot. Yet certainly in keeping with their nature for doth the Fed steal from Americans every day of every week. Then I heard of brother Neil Keenan and his efforts to restore it. And I support the good work that he do. For a bitcoin traveleth across oceans in minutes and no bank can stop it.

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    Chapter 7
    Human Animal Husbandry

    IT all started when I filed the CtC way, saith one of our brethren. And I said unto him, nearly the whole country hath fallen victim to a currency scam, even I. We have two forms of currency; FRNs and US notes (in the form of FRNs) and we've been persuaded to endorse the private FR credit as money. Yet that scam were easy to escape, simply make a demand for lawful money (US notes) according to law.

    Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come. You cannot start so much as a knitting club without it infiltrated by the cabal. And why not, with a trillion dollars at stake? Then came one to our gathering speaking rudely. Questioning him he answered: See, I am Jesse the electrician from Iowa, and come from the Iowan road.
    Oh really? And I shew him the electricians' tool and he knew it not. I spake, Yes I see you travel the Iowan road, yet what doeth it prove? it could showeth the great length some will go to deceive. And looking close upon I observed his false beard. Look, I see the cord which bind it to thy chin, why art thou disguised, as one of us? I believe thou art not a seeker as one of us but Famspear the clean-shaven attorner who dwelleth nowhere near Iowa. And backing up He answered, Thou art paranoid and thinkest all men him!

    Then I questioned Jesse; Is payment in bitcoin in exchange for labor income under the Revenue Acts? And he answereth saying, the fair market value of whatever you receive (bitcoins or FRNs or ping pong balls) is includible in gross income under IRC .. Then I thanked him for revealing it were all optional; for includible equals optional and only the privileged currency carries the obligation. Our consent is required and the populace must be conditioned into the scam.

    Then did I realize Jesse taketh part in the persuading, and it must surely be a large concerted effort. I saw the book called Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, a blueprint for human animal husbandry. For even though it were assembled by one of our own it shew that much study hath already been made. And I observed the many techniques employed by the disinfo agents of the parasite class, yet avoided their traps, by the grace of God. Some sayeth the secret societies have a hand in the scam. Thinking upon it logically, if such a society were taken over by dark elements, the members could not reveal it being bound by oath not to, even though the society were founded for a benevolent and charitable purpose, I could not deny it. Nonetheless, His truth is marching on.

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    More, please

    Encore, encore!

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    They do seem to be very polite about it!

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    I'm reminded of the game "Hot Potato".


    Once upon a time I had a face to face with a man from Bayern. The chat turned to the topic of Federal Reserve Notes. The notion was that "we" are somehow receiving a special benefit and blessing through the circulation of FRNs. I asked: "Isn't our tolerance a benefit and a blessing? Doesn't that have value too?" He didn't like that because then its even. There isn't room for one-sided debt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyCash View Post
    agents of the parasite class,
    Is this an accusation? The person who is the editor of this wikipedia page is “Famspear.” He’s a CPA and a lawyer that works with the IRS on a regular basis. He is a member of the Taxation Wikiproject. Will the truth keep marching on? What is Quatloos?

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