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Thread: The Book of Jonamiah

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    The Book of Jonamiah

    Chapter 1
    Livin' It

    The word of Jonamiah, son of Harvey. And it came to pass in the month of September, in the twenty-fifth year, as I was in the land of the Free & the home of the Brave; the place called New England. And did meet a girl so fine, O, to me she was divine; She lock'd up my heart in her bottom drawer. What wisdom hideth in a shawl, I doth declare she had it all. We were married there in ninety-four.

    And we were blessed of God. And I worketh in the place called office, for I was record-bearer to the Boss. And my wife worketh too making wages, the good work God hath provided. Our house was blessed, the family increaseth, partaking of all the good things the earth doth yield; the import from Detroit, the overpriced iPod,, yea even the baconator. Thus my world did smile, hand-in-hand we walked the miles.

    And we served God, with praise & thanksgiving for our good lot, saying, behold, We are living the dream!
    Yes, only later to learn it was like unto a dream, for was I asleep to what evil happeneth around me, and to the name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyCash View Post
    Chapter 1
    Livin' It

    We are living the dream!
    Yes, only later to learn it was like unto a dream, for was I asleep to what evil happeneth around me, and to the name.

    This really catches the eye!

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    Chapter 2
    money v. currency

    AND it came to pass a calamity over the markets, a financial crisis, and we heard large banks might collapse. This was about the year 2008. And the rulers gathered spake of a bailout so large I scarce could fathom the sum, about 800 billion dollars, payable by the taxpayers of all the land. The rulers speaketh against it, yet I saw by deed were eager to do it, indeed falleth over themselves to hand over public money to Wall Street. Then I thought, this is strange, not good that ye do; We borrow for the banks' tribute and bring the people into bondage, and our sons & daughters to be servants. What goeth on here?

    And I looketh into such things. Some sayeth; That isn't the half, a portion of thine purse is stolen by Inflation while ye yet sleep, unseen and you sense it not, and by stealth the wealth of a nation is taken. I asketh, who is this thief, that I might rebuke him and tell the officials? And he answereth saying, Silly rabbit, inflation is not a man; the government in league with banks doth grant the theft; carried out by national currency. Well, what is a dollar that thou art mindful of it? Then did I read the word of Griffin, though it were very long. I learneth how currency is created, by signature, as from thin air. And of the bankers' Jekyll Island secret meeting in 1910. And how our money changeth from metal to paper debt-notes, and such-like things revealed. Then did I see the banksters' deception. How it eat-out my sustenance as a parasite. How my people were lied to, conned, hoodwinked, bamboozled & scammed.

    At this I was very angry, and rebuked the nobles and the rulers, and said unto them, Ye exact worse than usury. And I set a great assembly against them. O God, I pray you, strengthen my hands.

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    Redeemeth thine substance and sustenance. Congress has laid down the law. Demandeth and increase thy paycheck by 30% within the tax year.

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    Chapter 3
    Cracking the Code

    AND it came to pass, after learning the nation useth not money at all but debt-notes, did I ponder the tax and searcheth for answers. I discovered Peter in the land of Michigan and his teachings regarding the tax. That it was misapplied and very few owed it. O Lord, I beseech thee let thy servant be a nontaxpayer too! After prayer & regarding it highly, Then did I file the return of zero-income for TY2008 whereupon I receiveth a refund in full. And I praised the Lord. Seeth I many like unto me later afflicted by the enemy with friv-pens & garnishments I girded myself. Yet received I nothing from the International Monetary Fund IRS, yea not even a letter. Lo, these many years later.

    And I marvelled at such things, my country lied to by its leaders, and the msmedia traveleth along for the ride. Can a whole people be so deceived and made to suffer at the hands of private bankers? And why should thy servant succeed where so many have not? Have I studied the law and the statutes, as a rabbi? Not hardly yet know I needeth no man to answer for me.

    Whereupon I began to speak of my victory withersoever I goeth, saying: Look at this thing revealed to me. But San-bal'lat was wroth, and taking great indignation followed and mocked me. And almost everywhere did encounter his taunts. And he spake before his brethren, What do these feeble CtC'ers? will they succeed? Now Famspear the attorner was with him, and he said, The wackadooster has no victory, if a fox tread upon it shall it fall. Hear, O our God; for we are despised: and turn their reproach upon their own head, and give them for a prey in the land of captivity: And cover not their iniquity, and let not their sin be blotted out from before thee: for they have provoked thee to anger before the patriots.

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    Naysayers of Q, woe be unto you! The skeptics of CtC continue to wander aimlessly without the law. Pete remains bound by his own doctrine having sold many books; exiling his own Horizon-folk when they mention that they receive FrivPens in his realm!

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    Chapter 4
    Planet Merrill

    AND it came to pass that my wall of victory falleth not, according to the good hand of my God upon me. Then did I boast of it, even among the naysayers of Q, for of their venom I was immune, And to learn from thine adversary. Also did they taunt the one called David Merrill saying, What court shall find in your favour? And I wondered, Who is this man thine enemy hath labeled incompetent with a GPA of 4.0? Then did I learn of lawful money, and the difference betwixt public money & private credit. Although doubtful I wrote a demand for lawful money on my check for it costeth nothing, as it is written: "They shall be redeemed in lawful money on demand..." And I did hear of the IRS lawyer who spoke saying "There is a group of people in Colorado who do not pay Income Tax; they are doing it right." And of such things more was revealed, and I believeth. And foresaking all dealings with Federal Reserve money I became a suitor, filing the Libel of Review (LoR), and publishing the default judgment at the county.

    In the house of Q did I witness a curious thing; where David spoke of many diverse & mysterious things, the nobles had no answer for it save the taunting & merrymaking, And the naysayers seeing their words dissuade me not but causeth me more to listen to David, were grievous vexed. For they knowing the truth he spoke had no answer of reason for it; none of substance. God had brought their counsel to nought. Then did the cabal banish him forever from the house of the parasite, and likewise was I stopped from speaking there, they foregoing all entertainment we afforded, lest any other find truth that harmeth their cabal.

    Some speaketh: The NSA surveillance state keepeth all data; And it came to pass from the FBI came a man to my dwelling asking, Of such things where did thee learn? And finding him good people, I answereth saying, See, this thing is lawful, we are fed many lies, and our nation is taken over from within. Yea even this nation founded on freedom and God's love. Then did he marvel, take notes, and travel onward. Knoweth the cabal governs such men and they now know my deeds, that I am lawful, yet still my victory stands, unmolested by their IRS. For to pursueth me would they break the law, otherwise speak facts and their scam revealed that all may see. This they cannot do for I am a keeper of record.
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    I really enjoyed that chapter. - A very entertaining format Johnny.

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    And lo, Peter was wroth, saying thou shalt speak no more in the name of this David.
    Blessed is he who keeps from stumbling over me.

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    But the people answered, saying Peter has his victories, but David has his unpenalized victories.
    Blessed is he who keeps from stumbling over me.

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