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  1. Lawful Money and the Bank
  2. World's Biggest Bond Fund Dumps ALL US debt
  3. a little history of shock testing in Canada
  4. Where to stamp a FRN
  5. NC Legislator says the state needs its own currency
  6. "Liberty Dollar" Creator Convicted
  7. Exactly what does the IRS agent think?
  8. What exactly makes Lawful Money untaxable ?
  9. H.R. 1098: Free Competition in Currency Act of 2011
  10. The US Government has (nearly) Defaulted on the National Debt!
  11. Presentment handled without cash, check, money order or credit card,
  12. Pieces of Eight
  13. Should we be stamping every presentment with "Demand is made for Lawful Money?"
  14. Look what "Investopedia" prublishes about "Lawful money"...
  15. "Effect Of Failure To Redeem Upon Demand"
  16. Lawful Money ...??
  17. Quatlosers have no answer for Lawful Money
  18. My perspective on money in general ....
  19. On The Subject Of Private Credit
  20. Debit Cards are not Credit
  21. Fun with Lawful Money
  22. Gold, Silver Becoming Legal Currency in More States
  23. Playing their Registry - Public Office Money Certificates.
  24. Explaining the US Debt Crisis — To My Teenagers
  25. Citizen Sues Atlanta Fed
  26. US Default - then and now
  27. File Criminal Complaint against Federal Reserve
  28. RV = Revaluation of the dinar
  29. Exchange Stabilization Fund
  30. Credit On A Gold Basis (Pacific Review pp 127 May 1920)
  31. Lawful Money Triggers HJR-192?
  32. I redeemed $1000 in Lawful Money today!
  33. Federal Reserve notes are obligations of the Reserve Banks.
  34. There is No United States, only Law Merchant
  35. Excalibur Letter
  36. Redeemed Lawful Money
  37. Too Big To Comprehend?
  38. Currently being denied my deposit with demand to redeem lawful money
  39. United States filed bankruptcy under what chapter?
  40. A regular deposit of lawful money.
  41. suggestions and insight by senior members on the W-4 form
  42. US vs Thomas - These bills (FRN's) are not "money"...
  43. IRS forms a Lien against the American Taxpayer for $14.3T
  44. Filing Question
  45. Doorbell - Pun on American Debt
  46. No more alterations of Signature Card?
  47. Direct depost coming my way in January...2 credit unions decline to open accounts
  48. Serving the Federal Reserve System
  49. Old Book shows how Constitutional money system worked
  50. Will China save us from "The Lost Decade"?
  51. Verbiage clarification on the back of checks
  52. Electronic Signature Legislation
  53. Your health plan ID represents a financial account number
  54. Is there signs on the currency?
  55. I've solved the Lawful Money Riddle
  56. Lawful money per US Code
  57. COINS - the other lawful money
  58. "Redeeming" Credit
  59. Marge knows better!
  60. Exposure to the Public!
  61. Federal Reserve Defines Lawful Money
  62. Fresh out of BofA - signature card woes
  63. New Bank Stamps on Backside of Paychecks
  64. Redemption by Hand
  65. PCGS & Redeeming Lawful Money
  66. Lawful money
  67. Has anyone tried redeeming FRNs for Treasury notes or bonds from a bank?
  68. Company beats IRS penalties with Lawful Money
  69. A Fine Kettle of Fish
  70. Reverberation of the Echo Chambers
  71. despite what this dollar says, you can't get silver for it from the government.
  72. Lockean Liberty
  73. Verified Statement of Right and Interest
  74. Basis in Law
  75. Lawful Money Exemption
  76. 55 Water street Trillions in paper money damaged by SANDY??
  77. Lawful money demand is "proof of life?"
  78. 12 usc 415
  79. Disclaimers
  80. Endorsement Questions
  81. Respectfully Disagree with David
  82. Lawful Money Interview
  83. Bank Added Their Own Stamping
  84. Made of platinum and worth $1 TRILLION each.
  85. Redeeming Lawful Money on Daily Paul
  86. Resistance and Refusal by Banks
  87. Consiquences of general deposit of redeemed lawful money
  88. History of paper currency Part 1 of 2
  89. Macro-economic Lawful Money
  90. 100 years of the Federal Reserve and IRS
  91. Tax Returns
  92. Lawful Money in Indiana
  93. Hundredth Monkey - USA Vacates Prosecution!
  94. Very interesting development regarding online payment from lawful money account
  95. 1914 Case validates non-endorsement
  96. GOLD CERTIFITCATES siezed in 1933-34 to be re-released to the public!!
  97. Chase Quick Pay
  98. Bill before az senate committee called hedge against hyperinflation
  99. New $100 Bill
  100. Lawful Money and Ownership
  101. 1040 help
  102. OPPT - Public Trust Forecloses on Major Corporations
  103. What you think, folks?
  104. Paying With A Hundred Dollar Bill? Prepare To Fill Out A Form
  105. Lawful money claim form????
  106. MMDA, nonreservable account
  107. Supporting Schedule for the 1040 Form
  108. Pay to the order of party x... Pay to bearer
  109. Diminished Money Counterclaim
  110. Hypothetical $300 million + Powerball lottery redemption
  111. Arizona
  112. Book on Avoiding Income Tax Reveals...
  113. Elegant Notice and Demand
  114. waxing eloquent - Michael Joseph quoted
  115. Wonderful New Incentive to Redeem Lawful Money!
  116. Response from the Secretary
  117. Make Your Demand on a Customized Check
  118. Happy Gold Confiscation Day
  119. Abolish the Fed
  120. What about a mortgage
  121. Interstellar Kredits
  122. Noticed something when I ran out of business checks...
  123. Got a letter back from the FED today...
  124. The Broader Scope of Redemption
  125. The Forgotten Role of the Constitution in Monetary Law
  126. Direct deposit then debit purchase? Getting lawful?
  127. Using USC vs. Public Law
  128. Legal Tender = Lawful Money = FRN
  129. Reduce the National Debt
  130. Where to start?
  131. Updating Bank Signature Card
  132. Redemption & Debtor's discharge
  133. 11 USC § 109 - Who may be a debtor (Redemption & Debtor's discharge #2)
  134. CBS evening news Colorado Springs (not just) gun control
  135. Notice and Demand to the Fed
  136. We cannot properly CREDIT the earnings for the work performed
  137. "Ultimately, what matters is:
  138. Own Your Car
  139. Just A Review
  140. Federal Reserve Banks Are Clearinghouses
  141. Observations of canadian banknotes
  142. Redeeming lawful money at a Canadian bank
  143. Where to start?
  144. Lawful Money, Federal Income Taxes and Social Security - Medicare Taxes
  145. lawful money and CRA
  146. 100 Years of the FED Act a.k.a "Aldrich Plan", "Aldrich-Vreeland Act"
  148. ATM card DEBIT vs CREDIT option
  149. Lawful Money Demands - Getting Started
  150. Lawful Money - Is there more than $300 Million?
  151. New Promissory note
  152. Louis T. MsFadden - a true hero
  153. Order fee schedule
  154. Taxpayer Advocate 2013 Annual Report to Congress
  155. Who is off the taxpaying hook?
  156. Federal Reserve Note, Rediscounting
  157. US Notes are redeemable
  158. Private Credit vs. Lawful Money
  159. Clear up a few things for me
  160. Resistance and Refusal by the Banks Part 2
  161. Oregon Constitution Article XI Sec. 1
  162. Indorsed Bill Remedy
  163. 1954 Internal Revenue Code is the Foundation?
  164. Fomc
  165. Usufruct Surrender Remedy
  166. Boris
  167. Redeem From Public To Private Venue
  168. How to Slay the corporate Dragon
  169. Acceptance For Value - What it is
  170. The Currency Question
  171. A “license” as you must know, is permission to engage in an act.
  172. how to convert paypal into lawful money?
  173. services for cash only, how to convert FRNs to Lawful money?
  174. Remedies when Lawful Money demand is ignored, property rights violated?
  175. Not too bad for a year’s work of a legitimate usage fee.
  176. Endorsement Guaranteed
  177. Borrower is the Bank
  178. money order demand.
  179. Only if the Miami Dade police department & the people really knew the truth.
  180. Open Letter to the American Sheeple
  181. The BILL is NOT a BILL
  182. Robert W. Wood THE TAX LAWYER
  183. Foreclosure Manual - Wells Fargo
  184. Buy Top Quality Novelty Passport,Id card,Visa,Stamp,SSC
  185. Purchase High Quality Real Novelty Passport,Id cards,Driver license,Visa,Diploma
  186. 12USC411 does not exist.
  187. Currency Wars: Why The United States Cannot Return To A Gold Standard
  188. Checkbook money stolen Nov 16?
  189. People are as (if) State Banks!
  190. Image if it was about lawful money.
  191. The word game - Legal Tender v Lawful Money
  192. Notice and Demand on the Fed Bank
  193. Treasury Letter from 1984
  194. Just how much does it cost to make a penny?
  195. Jaguar Inflation – A Layman’s Explanation of Government Intervention
  196. UBUNTU Model for Prosperity
  197. And the Fed itself is pushing back.
  198. The Blessing Letter (1967) - Germany, U.S. Dollars and Convertibility to Gold
  199. Private Credit enables Economic Terrorism
  200. From "The Science of Money"
  201. Banks and Pot (Colorado Legalization)
  202. We're here to help you?
  203. "Lawful Money" definition? attn:David
  204. For all you small business owner with 50 of less employees.
  205. Strawberry was indicted in 1994
  206. Robert Maynard on Legal tender
  207. Blockchain
  208. Remedy - lawful money solution
  209. The Flaw In Bitchain (& Mt. Gox)
  210. U.S. Note born Feb 25th 1862
  211. Crown gold alloys
  212. Sarbanes-Oxley Reaffirms Securities Exchange Act of 1934
  213. An Act to Transfer the State Highway Patrol (1933)...
  214. New World Coin
  215. UFWC Coin Becomes First Currency In Space
  216. Your lawful money is inside the Treasury Department.
  217. David Schied interview of Doreen Hendrickson
  218. Paid In Lawful Money
  219. Who wrote the ‘IRS code’?
  220. I received a 3176C 'frivolous letter' for 2013 1040x Amended return with LM demand
  221. 48 Stat 112
  222. United States v. $107,702.66 North Carolina Civil Forfeiture
  223. What Is a Silver Certificate Dollar Worth?
  224. The Fed side and the Treasury side of an FRN
  225. David Merrill and his view of the national debt.
  226. legal name
  227. Short Term Investing - Invested $20000 Return $80000 in 24 hours
  228. What is the Lawful Value of Lawful Money?
  229. The Four U.S. Dollars, or, The U.S. Dollar’s Relationship to Gold
  230. The End of Money: Counterfeiters, Preachers, Techies Dreamers & the Coming Cashless S
  231. The Texas Bullion Depository
  232. US Gold Reserves Bottom Out As Europe's Banks Seek Financial Independence
  233. Had Bretton Woods remained intact, these events would not have happened...........
  234. Whats the Canadian equivalent?
  235. Lawful Money Question
  236. Fed Reserve Act Sec 18.
  237. Open Letter to U.S. Treasury Secretary Lew from Anna von Reitz
  238. Bitcoin: What You're Not Being Told
  239. Bitcoin and the New World Order
  240. Bitcoin Universe Explained (Illustration)
  241. FIFA 16 has been removed display business team
  242. 'Bitcoin Founder's' Australia Home Raided by Sydney Police (Alleged Over Taxes)
  243. McCulloch v Maryland
  244. Thorny Problems Remain
  245. Notice to the secretary of the Treasury and Frivolous filing penalties
  246. Stamping the Front of Government Checks
  247. Front Side Non-Endorsement on Bills Effective
  248. Reflections on Macroeconomics - Then and Now
  249. The Story of Money
  250. Use Lawful Money Stamp for Cash Refunds too.