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  3. So... Does anybody know what hapened to Suijurisclub?
  4. Is this thead a correct reflection of "the Process"?
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  6. On Trial Right Now: Someone that tried to introduce a competing currency to the Fed.
  7. Dishonor Disqualifies the “UST’s” Claims of Authority and Jurisdiction
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  9. End Of The Dollar - IMF To Go To SDRs - Latest Video
  10. Courts Holding a Person’s Right To Due Process Hostage for Money is a Crime!
  11. Banishment on Motla68 Lifted.
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  13. David, did you know Google will be removing your video April 29th?
  14. Republic of Missouri, The CHANGE Your Founders Believed In
  15. David, were you on any other episodes on this talkshoe call?
  16. Sui juris ~ the truth in the record
  17. I am a magician and trying to street perform in Charleston S.C
  18. Need some advice on procedure
  19. America's First Real Journalist
  20. USA vs US - Anybody?
  21. New here about to take the plunge!
  22. Are these methods valid or are they Faulted
  23. United States v United States of America
  24. U.N. inadvertently confirms “Freeman” concept
  25. endorsing and SS.......a big question!
  26. Accounting Theory
  27. Whats everyone reading now and/or read lately
  28. Question regarding 42 USC § 408
  29. Many remedies, maybe
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  31. Is Non-Endorsement the same as Demanding Lawful Money?
  32. Taking Credit Cards
  33. My first attempt at demanding lawful money...
  34. An Alternative to Changing Your Signature Card?
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  36. Help! Need advice on family property...
  37. Just received a notice of violation from the government...
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  39. Hello Everyone! Is there a method to the madness?
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  41. Admiralty Law and Title 46
  42. Notorial Protest
  43. Acceptance of Deed Not Recorded
  44. Check wo Amount in Words and Dollars
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  46. our site vs. their site
  47. Mortgage Co. going bankrupt
  48. Is the Purchase of Gold Considered Lawful Money Redemption?
  49. US Judges - wages to be paid in gold/silver court case won
  50. Any one have BOA return deposited checks because of a stamp?
  51. A Corporation and Lawful Money
  52. Clarity please
  53. Birth Certificate minutiae
  54. 31 usc 5118
  55. Time to play the game
  56. Wthdrawal Slips
  57. A treatise on maritime law
  58. Make Demand At Treasury
  59. Seeking answers
  60. 18 u.s.c. § 1652 citizens as pirates
  61. Introduction
  62. Federal Reserve agents
  63. Mailing to Sovereign States
  64. Redeemed at local 5/3 branch
  65. Police teach tactics for handling 'sovereign citizens
  66. What happened to David's $20MM Lien?
  67. Deuteronomy 25:15 - Just Weights and Measures.
  68. Do you own a firearm? You sure?
  69. Disgusting example of "Your tax dollars at work"
  70. Man using NAME in court hauled out in handcuffs
  71. 1st Return Redeeming Lawful Money
  72. Help in stopping IRS levy
  73. The Fourth Branch of government, the Common Law Grand Jury
  74. Did any one ever receive backlash from the irs?
  75. The Confusion of Freedom
  76. Remedy for Fathers?
  77. Bitcoin Closer to Attaining Lawful Money Status in California
  78. State Return - Need Assistance - Lawful Money
  79. Job applications.
  80. Which banks offer lawful money on demand
  81. The Credit River Jerome Daly case
  82. Do you receive an income?
  83. Date of Origin
  84. New Student
  85. Operation Jade Helm !
  86. A interesting take on taxation and trusts.
  87. Bank has harassed me about my stamp being used on transactions, here's their letter
  88. New Here - thoughts on writing lawful demand clause on W-2 form.
  89. Actual requirements from Federal Register
  90. Further proof that we're actually still living under Roman Civil law ?
  91. Wish you weren't here: Migrants finding little sympathy in Hungary for their plight
  92. EUROPE IS BURNING Nigel Farage - Why isn't this being shown on the MSM reports ?!
  93. Property Taxes and 31 USC 3124
  94. Filing Taxes when Redeeming Lawful Money all year
  95. We dont take coins
  96. What Options Am I Left With? (Did Not R4C or Send Back Traffic Citations)
  97. Can political status be explained any simpler than this?
  98. PDF Report of Fergusons' Corrupt Practices Against Its People.
  99. I am some dude latest recording Boris and usufruct
  100. Lawful money and bank acct
  101. UCC 1-308 (formerly 1-207) vs 12 USC 411 and REMEDY
  102. Felony charges dismissed, making a claim for return of property.
  103. The concept of representation, people, things.
  104. On the Dangers of Neoliberalism (Books)
  105. The Making of the Indebted Man: An Essay on the Neoliberal Condition
  106. Making Debt (by Miranda Joseph - PDF)
  107. LOSE THE LEGAL NAME. Kate of Gaia
  108. David, could you expound more on oaths of offices, vacant offices, etc.
  109. 31 usc 3124
  110. Finally able to comprehend the fraud. Piecing it together.
  111. cops killings people with impunity.
  112. Hello New here
  113. Hello Everyone, I am new, and posting this greeting
  114. Dilemma
  115. 1 Samuel 8
  116. Lawful Money and Zip Codes
  117. Success story, cashing refund check, and CTR
  118. RLM and Credit Unions (which are federally tax exempt)
  119. Going thorugh a very difficult time!
  120. Man sued for $30K over $40 printer he sold on Craigslist
  121. Capital gains tax and remedy
  122. The inhabitants of any county shall within the boundaries of that county be and
  123. How many forms to file?
  124. Court Summons- Why Accept the Invitation?
  125. Venezuelans are comming into the US in droves!
  126. Just a thought, could some Judges don't even know how government works?
  127. Marc Boyer (slavery law)
  128. Bureau of Labor Statistics - Department of Labor DATA
  129. Money Order question
  130. Facial Recognition Technology - Time to recognize the dangers of unfettered use of yo
  131. Re: de facto trustee doctrine in action
  132. redbar Employees and laborers preferred creditors.
  133. It is all about debt.
  134. David Merrill, Thank You for Your Tremendous Courage!
  135. David, How much for a guide that teaches how to set up an evidence depository?
  136. 1099OID for promissory notes.
  137. Abide vs Reside.
  138. U.n. International covenant on civil and political rights
  139. The decline and fall of the English system of finance by Thomas Paine
  140. Refreshing - StSC Back Up!
  141. Citizenship, is this the reason they has to pass the 14th Amendment?
  142. Data Loss
  143. David Merril's Marathon to prove that the courts are being run by usurpers.
  144. How do the banksters get away with usury? Simple double entry bookkeeping
  145. Taking out a mortgage, LM tax return, bank
  146. Hartford Van Dyke describe the 7 step process, using statutes, to hold Public Officia
  147. Transgress the Law?
  148. discharge the jurisdiction?
  149. Policy of Insurance is not a Commercial Transaction - Paul v. Virginia, 75 US 168
  150. Sites that elucidate
  151. Everything in commerce is fictional…
  152. Getting audited by State of Alabama
  153. Credit Union told me they will not accept my checks with a “restrictive endorsement”
  154. Affidavit of Truth
  155. Alaska is territory, not a state
  156. Request For Taxpayer Identification and Certification Form
  157. America: The Great Experiment Betrayed By Darol B. Ramussen
  158. Video: Revelation Dawn of World Government
  159. What you need to know about central banks.
  160. Is getting older bringing health problems? You should consider fasting.
  161. The Common Law vs the Civil Law
  162. Why courts will not help the ignorant! United States v. Johnson, 76 F. Supp. 538 (M.D
  163. U. S. money vs. corporation currency, "Aldrich plan." Wall street confessions!
  164. Nicholas Barbon, A Discourse of Trade [1690]
  165. The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire (Documentary)
  166. Catherine Austin Fitts - We’ve Reached “Never Never Land” Accounting
  167. This Guy has been listening to David Merrill on Oaths of Office
  168. Warning Vulgar Language - Debt is the Game
  169. Trading with the Enemy act - David Merril hunch at it being illegal or unconstitution
  170. The Doctrine of Constitutional Estoppel
  171. Usufruct, registered entity(person), a conversation with Boris.
  172. How Lincoln financed the Civil War - The Currency Letter
  173. Pied Pipers of Babylon by Verl K. Speer
  174. Novations, and Asking for Proof of Claim
  175. Actually, saying you are NOT a "legal person" is a valid rebuttal, provided you do it
  176. If the sites you are looking for are not showing on google try www.ecosia.org
  177. A car as a person?
  178. A gavilan as a doctrine?
  179. If you have ever wondered why illegals have more rights than you in your own country!
  180. The USofA is a Union, not a Nation-State, and Why This Matters
  181. David, are we going to ever see you cash your 9 million claim?
  182. The Trial of Jesus
  183. What is your choice?
  184. Private vs Public, wonderful comprehensive video by Yusef El
  185. Did you guys realize that your person having a Social Security number does not make y
  186. The Seven-Headed Dragon: World Commerce
  187. Birth Cert / SSN "Secret Account" Myth
  188. Does anyone know what happened to Doug555 and his blog pages?
  189. Affidavit of Truth Example
  190. The Sumerian Swindle, and The Monsters of Babylon
  191. UUC- Obama's Land in Hawaii
  192. The Utopian Country by GiaCinto Auriti
  193. The demand.
  194. Company Attorney says "STOP WITHHOLDING. The worker is CORRECT!"
  195. American Citizenship Manual
  196. The Purpose for the Birth Certificate is INDEMNIFICATION!
  197. Kurt Kallenbach "My Godly origin is fertilization." The accounting for the 9 months
  198. Lincoln's House Divided Speech
  199. What is the rat race all about?
  200. David, great write up and editing on Remedy, thanks!
  201. This man knows he is an American, and has the Natural Right to bear arms.
  202. Two Name Paper- Federal Reserve Notes
  203. One Name Paper - U.S. Notes
  204. Social Security Payments are Required to be Electronic
  205. David, what is the distinction between the U.S. and USA as regards to Nationality?
  206. David Straight - Introduction to the system and ejection from Her.
  207. You may be entitled to significant cash compensation
  208. Abusive delays in processing Amended Return seeking lawful money reduction
  209. Basic yet excellent introduction to money.
  210. NEED HELP - MD State Tax
  211. David, could you satiate my curiosity what happened to the bond company in your case?
  212. Medium of Exchange.
  213. Cryptocurrency
  214. Registering your property
  215. Three categories: Goods, services, money.
  216. Clown World
  217. The rat race
  218. The Occult Art of Law
  219. A Monumental Consulate
  220. Greetings!!
  221. Dreaming Night Sky
  222. Living a simple life without legal papers in Kentuky