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  1. The Truth of the Matter
  2. Australian tax role cancellation, Coresource group member we helped.
  3. Canadian action - response from CRA
  4. The Income Tax Scam
  5. Why we pay taxes, who has to pay taxes, and redeeming lawful
  6. W-4 form and the intent for Lawful Money, first step to getting a mistake corrected.
  7. Business Owners and Lawful Money Tax Returns
  8. sample 1040
  9. One of the first Tax Forms created by the United States Internal Revenue
  10. Lawful Money and Retirement Account Distributions
  11. Putting federal 'taxation' into context
  12. IRS sends "MISS YOU" letter. circa 1988
  13. Interesting Case on US Notes
  14. Who is Michael Graetz?
  15. FOIA Requirements
  16. Who filed this year, and how?
  17. Census
  18. Have you guys seen this or methods resembling this?
  19. Are State and Federal taxes interest payments on government debt ?
  20. Is a tax public debt?
  21. A christmas carol
  22. Income tax is a tariff
  23. Thaddeus Stevens (April 4, 1792 – August 11, 1868)
  24. The CAFR Swindle
  25. Presumption of federal income - how it begins
  26. David the NonTaxpayer
  27. Prior Tax Help
  28. Tax on passive income
  29. Income Tax - A Legitimate Usage Fee
  30. 1040 Reporting requirements? Personal checks redeemed in lawful money
  31. Get Your Billions Back, America: 2014
  32. Free Money: Illegals who didn’t pay taxes get IRS refunds
  33. I cashed out an employer funded HSA by writing a check to myself for lawful money…
  34. independent contractor status / 1099
  35. Not filing tax return federal tax lien
  36. More councils using bankruptcy orders to chase council tax debt
  37. FATCA Takes Effect Next Month
  38. PayPal Pulls Out of Puerto Rico; Huge Opening for Bitcoin
  39. Here’s How Trump’s Tax Plan Would Affect You
  40. IRS updates guidance on US-Canada DTA
  41. China, Britain strengthen cooperation to push yuan’s global use
  42. UK tax gap falls to 6.4%
  43. Hillary Clinton’s Tax Plan Backed by Warren Buffett
  44. Please help stop irs threats to garnish my wages
  45. "INCOME TAX - Shattering the Myths" by Dave Champion
  46. For all debt, pubic and private
  47. state sales tax