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  1. 'It's the journey, not the destination' - Peaceful warrior
  2. Coresource Solution audio files : Talskhoe 25279
  3. No more a conspiracy theory, send this to the doubting thomases !
  4. For your encouragement and edification
  5. Movie: The Ultimate Gift, in it's entirety on youtube.
  6. New Coresource audio file loaded up to it's talkshoe group - Episode 37
  7. Don't leave your mind stuck in a 2 dimentional world, you are more then that!
  8. Thomas Jeffersons search for allies in his quest.
  9. Making the connections of the alphabet
  10. 2 guys who knew how to teach themselves how to learn do for others who do not know
  11. Returning back to Natural Law
  12. Silent No More
  13. Demosthenes Exposes Herself
  14. Some Basics in Remedy
  15. Obedience to Authority
  16. "Sovereign" Records Paperwork Then Attempts to Obtain a Gun and Badge
  17. Interesting history
  18. Mike Maloney on Gold, Silver and the Economy - Video link
  19. A History of Britain 15 Eposides
  20. Find and destroy the blue monkey diamond!
  21. The latest from Dean Clifford - Winter 2011
  22. FBI video: Domestic terrorist says he targeted conservative group for being ‘anti-gay
  23. RIghtful Heirs to the UK Throne?
  24. Divorce Corp (2014)
  25. David's Lawful Money youtube video (attn: David)
  26. intersting traffic stop. no licence or registratio, hassled but free to go success
  27. Police Specific Questions to ASK they dont want you to know (Revised)
  28. Road Toll Dodger Santos Bonacci The Uncensored Truth - Great Job Santos :)
  29. Oaths - Lawless in Lincoln County Oregon May 30, 2014 - THERE IS NO LAW !
  30. Recording Police Officers and Public Officials - Great ammo to defeat statist shills
  31. Not all police officers care about your rights. listen closely!
  32. Tennessee Cop Steals $22,000 From NJ Man & Lies In His Report!
  33. "I am denying you, your rights" - Texas Judge
  34. Cops violate 4th amendment - The disgust with these thugs posing as "law" continues
  35. Police Violation Caught On Camera! - It just keeps getting worse & worse...
  36. Corruption in Lincoln County Oregon Against Christopher-Robert: Walker
  37. Woman is forcefully arrested for trespassing on her own property
  38. Arrested for trespassing during park open hours - Really LEO'S, who do you serve ?
  39. Very Surprising Reaction From Cop After Refusing Checkpoint Stop
  40. Police Barge Into Home, Make False Arrest Over Length Of Grass
  41. The Natural Law as a Restraint Against Tyranny | Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
  42. Political Activists vs. Nightline
  43. China's Secret Metropolis (Chongqing)
  44. When Money Is Corrupted - Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 5 - Mike Maloney
  45. Tips and Tricks of Court
  46. Open Carry AR-15 Into Police Station PT.2
  47. Open Carry AR-15 Into Police Station PT.1
  48. Paypal Assert Copyright Ownership Of All Intellectual Property
  49. To Serve Man
  50. Police Tell Man He Has No Fifth Amendment Constitutional Rights At Checkpoint
  51. ANONYMOUS - #OpFederalReserve [[[ENGAGED]]]
  52. Mennonites
  53. Martial Law is Coming... Jade Helm Is Training To Kill Americans Who Resist
  54. "No Thanks" Best DHS Checkpoint Refusals EVER!
  55. Police and Military Detain Man for Photographing Outside Air Force Base
  56. Man flips off cop, gets pepper sprayed in return - This is all over the news lately
  57. COPS CRASH POOL PARTY - I have a feeling this is going to get nasty
  58. Accepted for value parking ticket - great job !
  59. Fresno PD owned. pulled me over again. I begged for a ticket(citizen record building)
  60. Our Natural Rights talk radio program July 6th 2015
  61. Citizen Pulls Over Cop, Demands ID & It’s Amazing
  62. Dick Gregory speaks on Charleston Church Shooting, Dylann Roof - Hard Hitting !
  63. In defense of the Confederate Flag - Response to Leftists by an educated Bklack man
  64. Re: State citizenship/nationality (Michigan)
  65. 10,000's of Secrets About Black's Law Dictionary
  66. State Trooper Tries to Kick Us off Public Property on 4th of July
  67. Obama just said what ? - He said this last Summer, and the MSM never covered it !
  68. 9/11 - Donald Rumsfeld - The FearMaster - DC really is the "District Of Corruption" !
  69. 9/11 - The Impossible Case of Flight 175 - FAR too many coincidences !
  70. SUPREME COURT SUMMONS GOD - IMO his interpetation is wrong
  71. When the police question you... QUESTION THEM BACK!
  72. Planet X - Mystery Heavenly Body Discovered - Washington Post Article - Must watch
  73. French Foreign Minister Says 'We Have 500 Days to Avoid Climate Chaos'
  74. Tired All The Time? - Here May Be Why - Population Control
  75. Bad cop caught on tape arresting sober driver for DUI - Driver awarded $70,000
  76. 5 Dark Conspiracies Covered Up By Accidents
  77. Bernie Sanders Seattle Event Shut Down by #BlackLivesMatter - Scandalous stuff :(
  78. sitting there by himself
  79. Oil change scam: Hidden camera investigation on what really happens to your car
  80. The David Icke Videocast: The Migrant Crisis - All Planned A Long Time Ago
  81. The Story of Your Enslavement
  82. SHOCKING: Unpublished Video JFK Assassination
  83. The Real Reason Obama went to Alaska - Christ knocks this report outta the park !
  84. Attorneys & Press Not Allowed In Courtroom - Courtroom Doors Locked During Hearing
  85. Detained for Public Photography, Fremont Police Department
  86. Arrest Leads to Legal Financial Settlement from town in rural New England.
  87. The Illegal Arrest of Judge Joe Brown: His Full Interview! - Too much corruption :(
  88. Camera Rolls As Traffic Stop Turns Ugly | Colorado
  89. NYPD says First Amendment Ends When They Say - If he sues them he would win!
  90. Building without a permit, driving without a license: The Tom Hyland Lifestyle
  91. Dude Plays The Silent Treatment With Police Officer Who Repeatedly Knocks On His Car
  92. Trooper "Attacks" Terrified Woman on Lonely Road!
  93. Abraham & Sarah Never Happened?
  94. The End Of The U.S Empire Is Here - But the US is also being controlled now
  95. As Real As It Gets - Soldiers riding their motorcycles getting hassled over nothing !
  96. Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. MICHAEL ORLANDO HALL aka Clubber Lang. The "Check Me Out
  97. The Real Truth Behind Our False Reality - EXPOSING THE BANKER CRIMINALS !
  98. I Know What’s About To Happen and I’m Guessing You Do Too!
  99. Inside Saudi Arabia Butchery, Slavery History of Revolt - Kingdom of Horror
  100. There is Only One Solution to the Debt Limit
  101. Man Awarded $70k In Seattle Police Brutality Case - The Italian guy can rest easy now
  102. Adam verbally body slams, chokes out cops at White House #KOKESHED
  103. Europeans Begin to Revolt Over Migrant Invasion
  104. Out of Mr. Dave Walkers mouth.
  105. Student Slams Principal to The Ground in Massive Brawl at Florin High School
  106. State of Schools Nowadays ?
  107. Sovereign Crystal's A4V & "Conditional Acceptance" Her Way Out of Jail - Lesson 1of7
  108. Cop to Woman Videoing Alleged Beating of Alabama Student: ‘I Don’t Give a Sh*t’
  109. How Not to Open Carry in Public: San Antonio, Texas
  110. Open Carry Stop With Homeland Security
  111. Where have 200,000 homeless Vanished to???
  112. One Way Poor People Can Buy Land With No Money
  113. The 39 Steps - 1935 (Full Movie) [1080p]
  114. Neoliberalism Explained In Under A Minute
  115. Naomi Klein On Global Neoliberalism
  116. Milton Friedman On the Effects of His Own Creation: Neoliberalism
  117. Irrational Gears (Fibonacci, etc) [Cool Stuff]
  118. Man From the Future: "You Should Go to China"
  119. Jessica Cooke's confrontation with U.S. Border Patrol
  120. Aggressive Cops vs Speeding Lieutenant - Things are so out of control in the USA...
  121. Gingrich Admits: Establishment Scared of Trump, Trump An "Outsider"
  122. Externalization of The Hierarchy (Video)
  123. Farrakhan Speaks on Donald Trump, Vetting of Refugees (Alex Jones - 2016)
  124. Sovereign Citizens Getting Owned Compilation - Shameful Situation...
  125. Jupiter Ascending
  126. Cop says we cannot ride our bikes/bmx, I lay down the law and tell him to beat it.
  127. Texas Suspends Over A MILLION Drivers Licenses - WOW, TEXANS ARE BEING ROBBED!
  128. Why Women Destroy Nations, Civilizations
  129. How Women Destroy Nations
  130. Brexit the Movie: Why Britain Should Leave the EU
  131. Ten Things We Wish We'd Known Before We Went Off Grid
  132. Chaos In the Family, Chaos In the State
  133. How KGB Covert Influence Agents Created Political Correctness
  134. The Fall of Sweden (Molyneaux & Carlqvist)
  135. The Election of Cardinal Siri, 1958 A.D.
  136. Adolf Hitler - The untold TRUE story
  137. JFK Murdered By Jacqueline Kennedy? (Video)
  138. 10 Most Heavily Guarded Places On Earth
  139. NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox: The Truth About the Terror Watchlist
  140. Ohio Militia Leader Speaks At U.S. Senate
  141. Militia On Border Duty Stop CIA With 1300 LBS of Cocaine
  142. Is the Government Trying to Incite Civil War?
  143. Cop Gets A Second Amendment Lesson - BLM thugs should listen to this guy's approach !
  144. DUI checkpoint: Officer goes berserk - IMO he shouldn't be an officer, very rude :(
  145. All Lives Matter (Diamond, Silk & Molyneux)
  146. Plant Intelligence
  147. Attorney General Reprimand of Police & 18 USC 241
  148. The Tulsa Race Riots (or Mass Murder) of 1921
  149. How Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson Destroyed Constitutional Freedom
  150. Women Under Sharia
  151. How Academic Feminism Wrecks Women
  152. Feminism & Its Impact on Society
  153. How China Rules the World (2016)
  154. The Truth About Modern Art
  155. Phyllis Schlafly: The Lost Interview
  156. The World's Most Persecuted Minority: Christians
  157. The Least Free Place in America
  158. SODOM - Russia Documentary (English dub)
  159. There Are No Forests On Earth
  160. Dragons & Unicorns
  161. The Fall of the Chicago
  162. 4 Year Old Spoils Plot To Blame Black Neighbor For Home Robbery Done By White Teens
  163. "Octogon: The Empire of Darkness"
  164. The Huns from the Alps
  165. The March of the Bonus Army (PBS Documentary)
  166. LSD: Swiss Origins?
  167. Is there a plan to destroy fiat money and return to a Gold Standard?
  168. Between Two Ferns: Zach Galifianakis & President Barack Obama
  169. "The Meaning of the Paris Attack"
  170. Officers will have one hundred contracts per month….. Minimum Sep 6, 2016
  171. Hillary Supporters Caught Confessing to Instigating Violence Throughout America
  172. On Presidential Authority, Executive Orders and Prosecutorial Discretion (Trey Gowdy)
  173. Prosecutorial Discretion II: Prosecutorial Discretion vs. Lawlessness
  174. Hillary Supporters Caught Confessing to Instigating Violence Throughout America II
  175. LAPD Captain Speaks Out: American Bolsheviks (Video)
  176. Syrian Christians Under Siege (Russia Is Defending Them)
  177. American Attorney Convicted Over Claims of Christian Persecution In Syria, Iraq
  178. "I'm Back From Syria. The Media Is Lying To You!"
  179. Internal Revenue laws or the United States Code. Which one?
  180. What Happened to Dr. Sebi? ("Must See" Health-Related Video)
  181. 1st Century Christianity Challenges Modern Church Teaching
  182. The Deception of Constantine
  183. "The Conspiracy to Subert the Original Church"
  184. The False "Church System" Deception
  185. Man Turns Into An Animal In Church
  186. If You Saw This You IRL You Just Might Decide to Go Home and Get Back In Bed
  187. Pin the Tail On the Donkey: Democratic Party's Hidden Bigoted & Pro-Slavery Origins
  188. History of Democrats & KKK
  189. Reversing Hermon
  190. Putin On Trump Victory
  191. The Church On A Haunted Hill
  192. Secret Service Visits The Dr. Of Common Sense
  193. "The Secret Service Will Visit You If You Say This"
  194. The Realm of the Serpent
  195. The Lie of Feminism Exposed: Feminist Pretends To Be Male..Learns Important Lessons
  196. Secret NY Gold Vault Tunnel Blows Up?!
  197. Norman Dodd on tax exempt foundations
  198. Balance and Equilibrium in the Tarot
  199. December 21 20 20
  200. Shadow Gate