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  1. First Success At Bank For Redemption
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  3. Bank Of America Raided By Deputies To Seize Homeowners Property
  4. Private Insurance
  5. Jurisdictional Challenge
  6. No Income Tax paid - 3 years and counting.
  7. No Verified Complaint
  8. Lawful Money Setoff > Parking Ticket
  9. Stream lined jurisdictional challenge
  10. Mom Stands Up to False Court Order at Her Front Door and in Court
  11. "Ranger Ron" Testimonies of Traveling While Only Displaying a US DOT #
  12. Randall John's Dismissal (Traffic)
  13. Redemption at BofA
  14. Redemption of Lawful Money at US Bank
  15. Court Honors AND Acknowledges Refusal For Cause
  16. First Success of Many More!!
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  18. The Idolatry of Statism
  19. Didn't hire an attorney to represent...
  20. IRS recognizes Redeeming Lawful Money - Yes!!!
  21. Happy Day for One Suitor
  22. Refund Success!... with interest.
  23. The Book of Jonamiah
  24. Judge Allan Davis called it a "strange, strange situation,"
  25. Mountain Man Win - Judge Abandons Court
  26. Patriots win again - 2013 lawful money tax filing
  27. IRS Drops Attack – No Evidence of Jurisdiction
  28. Sheriff Stands Up to IRS
  29. The Road to Ownership
  30. Titles And Names
  31. Lawful Money Silences Mass DOR
  32. The Anti-Commandeering Doctrine (States Don’t Have to Comply)
  33. First LM return this year. Would like advice
  34. Any success stories this year (2016)?
  35. IRS "endorses" my redemption
  36. Two Traffic Tickets R4C Refused for Cause successfully!