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02-10-14, 02:07 AM
Saw a curious IRS victory over at Q-Forum. Apparently "David L" did not file a 1040 return for 2010 and the IRS sent him a WE MISS YOU [here on the tax plantation] letter, with a "please call us":


And David, I guess noticing that many tax cases involve licenses & privileges, declines to call and responds with this letter:

And after about 7 months the Fresno campus replies: ".. we agree that you aren't legally required to file a tax return for the above tax period(s)."

Posted: Tue Jan 28, 2014 4:01 am
by david
From '98 till '07 the IRS received 1099's from a bank showing interest earned ON my checking account. That ended in '07 and then immediately the IRS probably started receiving paid mortgage reports from one bank and then a second bank in '09 I think and continuing currently. In '10, the IRS started receiving 1099's from one of my shellfish buyers. All those reports and forms are still pouring in. How would you deal with a " substitute-for-return"? I'm not hiding anything.

02-10-14, 04:16 AM
Very nice. So simple.
Anything the government does has to be licensed.
Thanks for posting that.