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Michael Joseph
03-19-11, 05:09 PM
ab initio (http://savingtosuitorsclub.net/showthread.php?24-The-first-constitutions&p=143&viewfull=1#post143)

Lets explore Trust formation. Who is Who - so to speak.....

Realize that:

The Equitable Title is in the Registered Owner. And the State, as Trustee issues a Certificate of Title upon the Registered Owner. Now the Registered Owner may transfer the Right of Use into another Trust; yet the management of the Right of Use never leaves the State!


1. The Grantor grants the Right of Use [property] into Trust

2. The State takes up the office of Trustee - because the Grant was made IN or UPON a State Asset Registry - Register of Deeds or County Clerk and Recorder

3. The Original Grantor is presumed dead - Probate - so the Grant cannot be revoked. In other words the Trust is irrevocable. Or said another way it is NOT inter-vivos

4. The Grantor [CQVT] then becomes the Beneficiary - or Registered Owner of the Grant.


See the attachment.



Was it a benefit for you to record your Claim regarding Rights of Use or Property? Tell me what Law did you Claim UNDER? See the Trust now?

08-30-11, 10:42 PM
If we are speaking on grants, I would like to interject the Law of Conveyance into this discussion.

Devises will be of interest as well from a Common Law perspective.