View Full Version : HELP! Questions about redeeming lawful money and more!

03-20-15, 10:19 PM
First off I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read my post, and possibly shed light on my situation.

I am a 21 year old male who just was confirmed of my new job I'll be starting in 4 days..GREAT!..right?

I want to be able to redeem my checks in lawful money, but am afraid of having to sign all the paperwork when I start next Tuesday. Upon signing my job application, anytime i sign my name should I put "UCC 1-308 all rights reserved no prejudice"? Or what about ____ _____ d/b/a _______ _______ ______ given that the first blanks are my first and middle name, and i'm doing business as the publicly owned corporate entity in ALL CAPS?

Are there any documents I should've already had notarized and sent to like the county clerk or something? A claim of intent? PoA? I have very little, but SOME knowledge of certain aspects retaining to this, and maybe more so on the "Strawman" aspects. ANY information helps!

I only found this site roughly 14 hours ago and have nearly been on it for more than half. And from that I think I've come to the conclusion that all I have to do, upon having the name on the SSN ( me in ALL CAPS ) get paid with his check, is go to a credit union, ( in which I don't have an account ) and demand that my check be redeemed with lawful money pursuant to Title 12 U.S.C. on the back of the check, with my name and dba name.

My main goal here is to work my 32 hours, and get paid for my 32 hours. That's it. No middle-man is wanted.

Please if anyone is interested in a skype conversation with me or over telephone it would be very very very much appreciated. If you could provide me guidance with steps to be able to redeem lawful money, becoming the executor/beneficiary of both public and private entities, and everything else you deem as important or noteworthy, I will take notes and go from there. I'm a Libra at heart so balance, equality, and justice are in my blood, those virtues are implanted within my DNA, and I see this as a way to physically manifest those virtues into something that can benefit not just me, BUT ALL I SHARE IT WITH! I do not plan in any way, whatsoever, in using this information to cause harm, infringe on others rights, or perform any type of malicious behavior. This is more of a spiritual journey, as the current system in place set by the FED's does a great job of enslaving more than just our physical beings; it extends into emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of life as well.

Kind regards and warm wishes: