View Full Version : Local teacher’s reported attack of 10-year-old sparks viral outrage

04-08-15, 04:00 AM
Vestal, N.Y. — A 10-year-old student in Tioga County was hospitalized after he was reportedly attacked by his elementary school teacher, according to court papers obtained by the Ithaca Voice.

Sharon Russo, the child’s mother, posted an image of her son’s injured shoulder and a brief account of the incident on Friday. It has since generated hundreds of comments, gotten over 100,000 likes and been shared more than 94,000 times.

Russo’s attorney says law enforcement is investigating the case, but that no criminal charges have been filed. The family is pursuing a civil lawsuit against the Vestal Central School District in connection with the reported “assault” on the child, according to Russo’s attorney.

The school district said it wouldn’t comment on the incident as a matter of policy. The Tioga County District Attorney’s Office also said it has no comment.

Russo, the child’s mother, says in her Facebook post that she has also been left without answers from both school and law enforcement authorities.

“We are left confused and without resolution or answers as to why,” Russo said.


04-08-15, 04:04 AM
You know when we were children getting out of hand in school, we either got the belt or the principle would paddle us right good. But these days so many "educators" are physically harming children with lifetime injuries instead of giving them the old corner routine, belt, paddle switch, etc...

With these sorts of violent incidents becoming more frequent, I predict more parents will opt to Home School their children instead of sending them to Public Schools.