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07-01-15, 02:19 PM
Hardly just a word lost on travellers ,whats what,s after a coma Driving with a Driver,s Licence or without. Is you or is it you not Situation:Is-Is not analysis works by making you deliberately think about the problem and in particular the boundaries of what it is or is not. It thus helps to create focus in attention and consequently is more likely to lead to the right problem being solved - it is a very common issue that an unclear boundary can lead to wandering off the path and solving unimportant problems. That are claims that go beyond being bound Add 'is' and 'is not' elements
Now simply as 'What is included here?' and 'What is not included here?',
The bottom line for deciding where to place any point is to ask yourself questions such as:if you or for Me too make incorrect assumptions about such as what authority you or Me have and what you can actually solve with any authority?A counter claim ln law a Driver,s Licence no such license as a "driver's" license known to the law, it follows that the information, in charging the driving of a motor vehicle upon a public highway without such a license, charges no offense. now it might be a offence to a statue or a traffic act [At law]The MJ allodial David M 'is' and 'is not' elements stay in Law
police forces may access these databases in the course of their duties, such as ensuring proper vehicle validation is in place and that a person has a valid driver license. Additionally, access by other Ministries is also available. For example, the Ministry of the Attorney General may access these databases to record motor vehicle related convictions. Further, access may also be required to administer driver license suspensions/reinstatements under the Family Responsibility and Support Arrears Enforcement Act,when a suspension is suspended [driver,s license when 'is' and 'is not' a DRIVER a Commercial Instrument in law] bad acts or under or over acted at law