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Trust Guy
06-02-11, 07:49 PM
Well now . Got a nice letter from the County Health Dept. today. Addressed to my brother . Guess they are leaving me out of the equation though we are each half “Owners” of the place .

EPA had mailed two notices with pamphlets and Access Agreements to test the property for lead contamination . Then a two man team and a second team a few months later . Now this mail through the County .

In researching the original package it plainly stated the test was not “Mandatory” , as did a general check of the cites of authority given , so I declined . Then came the two visiting teams . Again declined , having watched the contractor botch the heck out of two properties across the road . What a mess . Re-did it twice and still got it wrong . Mud and gravel washing off everywhere . Making the dangerous little T intersection at the bottom of grade even more dangerous , for months on end . Frozen mud in the winter . Mud and gravel in the spring and fall . Gravel and dust all summer long . Lots of fun .

Here’s the kicker . I am now led to understand that if One does not allow the testing , property Title can not be transferred with sale , until the property is “brought up to EPA standards“ at the land owners expense . Did not find any mention of such in my cursory study . A friend of Bun’s has been going through this “service” for a long time . Family has a few acres in the country . Horses , small live stock , 70 x 100 foot garden . A nice little home .

I spoke with her today and she related the EPA guys told her this title cloud business . So the couple allowed it . They only tested the yard even thought parts of the garden were closer to the house than the grass . She guesses it’s OK to grow vegetables to feed your children in contaminated soil but not let them play in the grass . Another unsatisfied household heard from .

She also related the counties recently received additional 10’s of millions in Super Fund bux . Suppose this is why the County got involved .

So I’m off to track this info down over the next few weeks . First stop , County Health to find out how they got involved . Next , County Recorder to ask if EPA stuff is considered a Superior Lien to the County’s claim , vis-a-vie Property Taxes . A Commercial Interest if so . Guess they could not issue their paper in Property Tax or Sheriff’s sale .

Would appreciate any info or leads about EPA and Super Fund stuff from members .

Might be interesting . Besides , I could use a new hobby for the summer . Now to check on voice recorders to replace the trusty old mini cassette . Never know when you might be witness to a crime .

Thanks All , TG

06-02-11, 08:25 PM
Semi-related: Lead paint makes it harder to spy on people or to track them or appliances with tracking devices.