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09-03-11, 03:48 AM
This is more of an FYI but could potentially open up a very fruitful discussion. Over the past couple years, there were two pertinent events.

[1] A suitor got the same set of notices from the IRS at two different addresses. After investigating a bit, I determined that the suitor had two State ID from two different States each corresponding to each of the addresses where the IRS sent mail.

[2] Immediately upon getting a State ID (without prejudice) the SSA sent a person information about current social security benefits. The SSA indicates that they do not keep addresses on file and that they rely only upon records kept externally from the SSA--by the U.S. Department of the Treasury or IRS.

What does this mean? The U.S. State DMV or Department of Revenue appears to actually be a franchise of the IRS. Even when there were no file on record with the IRS the SSA used the DMV records as if they were IRS records.

The IRS deemed a person as having two mailing addresses on record simply because two different mailing addresses were on record with the DMV of two different U.S. States. Had the IRS relied solely upon employment records, they would have sent mail only to a single mailing address.

What was the common connection between the both DMV records? The SSN and the birth certificate file number.

09-03-11, 06:22 AM
In California the DMV is a department of the Franchise Tax board.

09-03-11, 12:33 PM
Don't know if this is pertinent, but at one time, transportation was administered by the Department of Commerce.

03-06-12, 05:24 AM
it is my understanding that the Buck Act and the Agreement on Coordination of Tax Administration (ACTA) create a federal zone such that the FTB is essentially an arm of the IRS. Hence all state liability is based on having a federal liability...

I tired tonight and just going through some threads and ran across this one, but I will post some info on the ACTA and how it is how the states clone title 26 and act as agents of the National Government.

peace - scott