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03-08-11, 06:43 AM
What happened?
On 7-Mar-2011, users may have experienced problems such that any attempt to visit this site resulted in the following error message:

"Configuration: includes/config.php exists, but is not in the 3.6+ format. Please convert your config file via the new config.php.new."
Why did it happen?
An important configuration file became corrupt after being modified.
Isn't site maintenance supposed to be announced beforehand?
Site maintenance that requires the system to be unavailable to users is announced beforehand. Under normal circumstances, the maintenance that was performed today would have no adverse affects on site functionality, which is why no announcement was made.
This site is fairly new, and within the beginning weeks we hope to have all of the quirks worked out. Saving to Suitors Club apologizes for any inconvenience.


12-14-11, 11:58 PM
You rock YellowAdmin.
Thank you for dealing with yet another forum restoration.
I was so happy to find StSC back online, when I came in this evening after working on the treefarm, trying to get the most out of a warm sunny day.

Bright blessings