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David Merrill
07-08-12, 01:19 AM
We (brain trust) were discussing some items about Jesus and the unlikelihood of him simply being coronated King of Israel - at least without divine intervention. As it turns out HEROD the Great had two sons in his last will and testament. One was Antipater and the other Archelaus. Israel was large enough that each son got a portion. Archelaus inherited the southern provinces of Idumea, Judah and Samaria but ruled with such a heavy hand that the Jews petitioned Augustus and he was driven into exile. Therefore Antipater was a Stand In king when Jesus was coronated King.

This is important to understand Survey and Charter. That is to say more than just some supernatural invisible friend named Jesus CHRIST of NAZARETH, to understand power in that Name above all Names in the natural law. It also helps to understand the role of another Order of Archelaus exile - John the Baptist, dressed in leathers and quite strangely dunking (initiating) people in the Jordan River.

Well one thing lead to another and things fell into place synchronicity-style, on a roll the way they are and one Suitor (Canadian) spotted something on the Footnote (d) of the 'saving to suitors' clause (http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/6862/savingtosuitors.jpg) page of the 1789 Judiciary Act. He spotted Peters in the case citation. Not knowing that is traditionally the name of a publisher, a collector of Court Reporter records, the suitor thought this might have something to do with US Judge Richard PETERS who was at the 1784 Treaty of Fort Stanwix (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_of_Fort_Stanwix). [Additionally PETERS was not appointed a US Judge until 1791.]


Click Here to expand image (http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/3034/danielcalendar.jpg).

Looking at the top of Page 252 (http://books.google.ca/books?id=lRo9AQAAIAAJ&pg=PA254&dq=judiciary+act+of+1781++judge+peters&hl=en&sa=X&ei=6ob2T_OwHYS1rQGBgK2LCQ&ved=0CGAQ6AEwBg#v=onepage&q=judiciary%20act%20of%201781%20%20judge%20peters&f=false) discover that at the time of the Treaty Richard PETERS was a young lawyer and an expert about land law from his uncle the Secretary for the colonial government. So you might get some insight at what happened at the treaty, where the Iroquois Federation signed over any and all land west of an eastern seaboard river - basically consecrating the altar - or donating America to the US Government!


My point being that Richard PETERS was an attorney experienced in land law. Therefore the American Indians were cajoled into a false sense of friendliness by a slick attorney when they handed over America to the US Government. I am sharing what I believe to be some very special insight, a unique snapshot of American History!


David Merrill.

David Merrill
07-08-12, 11:15 AM
I feel the Judge was a smooth talker (manipulate) with the Chief's, but they named him Paroquet, a colorful parrot of words, they may have known their situation regarding their Parroting friend?

This shows some introspection according to the Timeline by Daniel BELTESHAZZAR above. Possibly the Chieftains knew of the Times?

07-27-12, 02:54 PM
Seems some of the "natives" were smarter than they appeared. They claimed not to own the land but signed all the land they owned over to "the British Crown" and got paid for it in in some cases.. is it not to say the "natives " gave nothing? However, by claiming not to own the land, the Roman principle of terra nullias may have been "seized upon" by eager attorneys.

07-30-12, 04:20 AM
Terra nullius ( /ˈtɛrə nʌˈlaɪ.əs/) is a Latin expression deriving from Roman law meaning "land belonging to no one" (or "no man's land"),[1] which is used in international law to describe territory which has never been subject to the sovereignty of any state, or over which any prior sovereign has expressly or implicitly relinquished sovereignty. Sovereignty over territory which is terra nullius may be acquired through occupation,[2] though in some cases doing so would violate an international law or treaty.