• More on the upcoming Default.

    In response to a rumor that over 61% of Americans are in favor of Defaulting.

    Like the newpaper article indicates, there would be local effects:

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    However I suggest that you watch BRICS develop a sentiment toward the IMF going solely to SDRs for the international exchange rates globally.

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    Yesterday BRICS laid claim to South Africa swaying influence by becoming global (by continent count anyway) geographically, even with a claim in Europe there if you look real close. My point though is that you have to look at more than Wiki - which says nothing about SDRs at all. Look and listen to the BBC, and SDRs become first-paragraph stuff.

    The important thing to note though, is how so much Bailout Money went into bolstering SDRs in August of 2009.

    Since SDRs are a fictional basket of currencies that shows that China holds no real stock in the Bailout Money bolstering the SDRs. SDRs are actually a reflection of endorsement of private credit in the Fed or whatever central bank presides, and therefore shows how redemption of lawful money is taking effect. Look again at that map - even Australia honors restricted endorsement.


    David Merrill.