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Thread: Leave 1040 Line 74(a) Blank?

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    Anthony Joseph
    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    You can make up definitions for common law all you like. I disagree and will not have you foist them upon me.
    Disagree all you want; who's "foisting" anything upon you?

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    I was just correcting you with a proper law dictionary definition, that is all. No need to defend.

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    Anthony Joseph
    First you snip at me for supposedly "foisting" something upon you and then you say no need to defend, you're just correcting me?

    I believe you have a bad case of N.G.S. ['Narcissistic Guru Syndrome']

    Will you attempt to filter my posts on this forum as well David?

    When I desire your "correction", I will let you know.


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    you say that this return has too many blanks and zeroes on it. i am wondering, as in the "1040 help" section there is no example i am aware of that shows a full year of redeeming where you would have zero income because of it. i believe i would be in the same situation as the person who submitted that 1040. i have one job, with no other sources of income, no interest gained, so it seems to me that there is almost nothing to enter. i put in my income, refund of state taxes, and the lawful money deduction, then what? i could fill in interest paid on my student loans and that sort of thing as deductions, but as i have already redeemed every cent from the whole year, that would seem detrimental to me as it would be claiming an extra deduction on money that is already not taxable, plus it would have no effect because i am already seeking all money stolen from me in the first place. there is nothing left to be asked for.

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    Anthony Joseph: I correct for the general edification and in your case, safety of the Readers and Suitors. Your misconception of "common law" can be very dangerous. Your behavior indicates a great deal of insecurity about the guru you have chosen. I see why by the definition for common law you spout.

    Both subjects and several others are in prison for creating their own definition of common law but in particular notice the justices and clerk of the Tenth Circuit filed my amicus curiae without consulting either of the parties for consent. So you might grant that I am in authority to correct you here.

    The End Result;

    Not to respond for Doug but discussing this with the Suitor I agree with you. He might have kept better peace with Doug by filling in a bunch of lines with "$0.00". Leaving the line making a claim blank is really the only item up for discussion as I see it. Filling in a bunch of "$0" amounts is not likely what Doug was indicating.

    However, as you will learn as you study here the objective is to acquire an evidence repository. From the Counterclaim and the more common Libel of Review we get the precedent in the original filing:

    ..The war on the Great Depression 1) does not count and 2) would only last the duration of the emergency if it did. Presentments will be treated as described by the following example of clerk instruction:

    street address
    Colorado Springs, Colorado.

    United States District Court Registered mail # RA XXX XXX XXX US
    for the District of Colorado
    901 19th Street - A105
    Denver, Colorado.

    Dear clerk;

    Please file this refusal for cause in the case jacket of Article III case 03-XXXX. This is evidence if this presenter claims I have obligations to perform or makes false claims against me in the future. A copy of this instruction has been sent with the original refusal for cause back to the presenter in a timely fashion.

    Certificate of Mailing

    My signature below expresses that I have mailed a copy of the presentment, refused for cause with the original clerk instruction to the district court and the original presentment, refused for cause in red ink and a copy of this clerk instruction has been mailed registered mail as indicated back to the presenter within a few days of presentment.


    Presenter's name Registered mail # RA XXX XXX XXX US
    Anywhere, State.
    [presenter's code]

    Respondent and all principals and agents are hereby properly notified...

    So you might get it from the Clerk Instruction alone. What the federal judge says is moot. The objective is to be the court of record and therefore the court of competent jurisdiction according to the 'saving to suitors' clause.

    But the $5K is great to have in the pocket and since the IRS owes it to this suitor I have fashioned this Counterclaim more to accommodate the Rules so to draw better testimony. The DoJ is tampering with the process server, which is a felony. This gets real interesting fast!


    David Merrill.

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    Anthony Joseph
    You have not demonstrated that "my conception" of common law is in error by any stretch. Your "concern for safety" of the Readers and Suitors presupposes that they are incapable of thinking, researching, studying and verifying on their own. You desire to keep total control over your little bubble and attempt to filter out anyone who "carries a pin" in that proximity.

    Your own post attachment regarding "common law" supports my position:

    "In a broad sense, "common law" may designate all that part of the positive law, juristic theory and ancient custom of any state or nation which is of general and universal application, thus marking off special or local rules or customs."

    Sounds similar to what I "foisted upon you".

    You say that my "misconception" can be very dangerous and my "behavior indicates a great deal of insecurity". Instead of dignifying that nonsense with a rebuttal, I will wait for ANYONE who agrees with it to step forward and stand with your "assessment".

    You are like a modern-day politician who decides the people are too stupid to live their own lives by themselves so the politician will do it for them.

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    Again, because you are unpleasant and people like to have fun, your approach proves nothing. I used a regular and accepted definition as cited.

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    Anthony Joseph
    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    Again, because you are unpleasant and people like to have fun, your approach proves nothing. I used a regular and accepted definition as cited.
    Your own words renders it unnecessary for me to respond.

    Thank you.

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