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IMO, the 1040 return in question certainly appears to be "frivolous" even though it technically may not be by IRS specs.

Leaving Line 74a blank certainly leaves the return "unfinished" and creates uncertainty about what the IRS should do with this return.

IMO, this kind of return has too many blanks and zeroes in it. It is NOT a typical and completed return.

See this post and realize that this return is missing all of the other transactions that should be "redeemed" as derivatives of the gross income transaction.

IMO, this return should be corrected and resubmitted to avoid tarnishing and defaming the "lawful money demand reduction" by association.

1. Did this Suitor study all of the items in the "1040 Help" post before submitting this return?
2. If not, why not?
3. Is so, why did s/he not extend the courtesy of posting questions to this blog so senior members could prevent these sort of "frivolous penalty" letters from even being issued and possibly muddying the water for the rest of us who have been do this without repercussions?

P.S. Yes, I am upset by this type of return... It is detrimental to the cause here.
Thanks, Doug. Your reply is very encouraging!