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Thread: Park City, Utah vs Canadian land owners

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    Park City, Utah vs Canadian land owners

    Park City, Utah, one of North America’s premier ski and snowboarding destinations, has filed a law suit against Canadian land owners, Talisker Land Holdings LLC on Monday, March 12, 2012 in an attempt to curb the tide of what may result in the closure of the resort and loss of 1,200 jobs.

    According to a press release by Park City Mountain Resort on March 9: “After extensive and, sadly, unsuccessful negotiations, we reluctantly took the initiative to file this lawsuit,” said Jenni Smith, president and general manager of Park City Mountain Resort. “We need to protect the future of the company and our more than 1,200 employees, who bear a tremendous burden of uncertainty in this matter, and the many local businesses and homeowners in the Greater Park City area. We are seeking relief through the court, the only option left at our disposal.”

    Company Overview of Talisker Land Holdings, LLC

    John Lund, attorney for Talisker Land Holdings, LLC - the landlord/corporation that owns about 2,800 acres of the upper portion of the Utah ski resort - said the lease expired.

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    I wonder what happened? That article and suit are old.

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