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Thread: Claim the Name .before they do.

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    A spirit world reduced,No cooperation in that state or this carnality state.Our world is a filtering issue a half ass life or a successful life makes no difference in the spiritual .A creator gave us his ability for our own creation at some point carnality must die a blessing in the sky or just mud in your eye. RIP [relevant intersect posting alphanumerical ] just that a return to peace our cosmic puzzle the big gang bang and carnality festivities the previous genetic population explosion characterization lucidity beyond feeding enmity a soul with love or a stomach that can never be satisfied? Greed or guilt harrowing religion when fed blame and hate when empty emotions are fed and starved its a soul and ones spirit in a Christ that a new balance or to render ones station in mortality u solve it within and do without any reasons for brilliancy.Like instinctive atoms imagery combined molecular mortality mistakenly separated from elements not assets or debt. Atoms only account for a measly 15% of everything that exists. The mass of the universe consists of something so mysterious and elusive that it has been dubbed 'dark matter'.getting over our selves is the onsite matter.Material Matters Spiritual Matters And once she is impregnated, then the giver of seed can do nothing to make it grow save watering but the germinated seed cannot be "touched".When the thug gets hugged with his own seed a female offspring's the creation a story in conjunction no gardening no food . If advantages are in written word the Author has taken any Mans verbatim as well. LATIN LAP DOGS try pettin one .Does Gods money have a regulatory or physical bank or are we mixing seeds .Are you in Court or is it meant Naming is just as holding one.COURT that is.fixing the name to what end .BANKING ENDORSEMENTS then the giver of seed can do nothing to make it grow save watering but the germinated seed cannot be "touched"printed papal bullying 72 hrs,virgins,names,claim choice or cheque or check in American English is a document that [orders commands ]a bank to pay are you a bank do you see my name tag.why The ones getting good at carnality and material always need soothing and blame seedless grapes and wine .

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    hi MJ

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Joseph View Post
    I trust in God in Me. Thusly I - am single in my approach - the single eye [I]. The mirror reflects the image. I AM the resurrection, the truth and the life - yet I can do nothing of myself - it is God in Me the Hope of Glory. Thusly, comprehending that the mere use of a registry grants a use but it also serves to provide notice. There is no mountain that can stand before Zerhah-babbel. For all are born into confusion with the Seed of BBL [confusion] but once the plummet is held in the hand of a priest there is just application of Divine Law.

    Many a day have I struggled with the concept that "someone hid the keys" and I thought to myself one day - that in reality if the Carnal Mind knows the keys without experience and humility, then there might exist a great desire to rule over others. I discipline my lower qualities for all 12 were in the boat.

    I AM single in my approach - I don't waiver. There is no magic so stop looking for it. There are no magical words, there is only a sustained Will. I lead by example - I do not attempt to say one way or the other - I just share my experience. You decide for yourself what is true for you. For myself, I know magick exists but Israel can't be cursed. Israel must curse Israel. One day my head popped out of my rectus and I realized I am Israel in the analogy! All of the preachers telling me this and that added exactly NOTHING to me. In fact with their constant whining about some other folk only served to separate Me from God.

    I and the Father are ONE. Hear O' Israel the Lord your God is One. When you see it you will know.

    A citizen can't make an international contract and that's a fact. So if you don't want to be a citizen, then stop doing the deeds that make you a citizen and DECLARE THYSELF and go into the promised land and begin to possess the land UNDER God in Christ.

    And God said [Declaration of Trust] - this also reflects in principio to the thought
    And God saw [Imagined the State of Being]
    And God named [take dominion]

    I Desire, I Believe, I Expect.

    For My Emotion, My Thoughts and My Will are a three-fold cord. So I express myself which expresses my trust. For everyone is found trusting - just listen to them or watch their deeds [in action or non-action]. I shall not commit Adultery- True to Myself am I.

    I AM One. I come to do Thy Will which is written of Me in the volume of the Book. For the Scripture must be fulfilled in Me. Christ in Me - Immanuel. In Man is El. Thusly Dan-I-El.

    I trust Me - thus my relationships are in Special and not in General. I know what I desire - and I cherish its continual blessing. Moses lead your people. And you too will have Exodus. And the Reed Sea of Emotion will open and you Moses and your people will begin to move away from Egypt.

    All States of Being are Mental. This is a revolution of the Mind.

    HalleluJAH or HalleluYAH. Both are Equal - Praise be to Ha Yah - which is to Be and to Become. EXODUS - Leaving Babylon

    Send us another Brother Moses
    .... the answer lies in you!

    The law of State is copyrighted. When property is used absent license, that can be problematic. Especially if one profits from its use. So tell me dear reader do you profit from the use of a debt instrument? I hope your eyes might open - they will. Keep pushing and seeking.

    A name is a way of being. Thusly when the Muslim dies for Allah he receives 72 virgins [names]. This is also encoded in the book of Exodus but the English reader is blind to those 72 ways of being. But when the seeker dies to carnal being and begins to search for God, then the 72 virgins are given to the Christ Man as well. The same allegory holds true but told in different symbols.

    Thusly we do things in Jesus' name is to say: we act in the same manner that Jesus did. We don't pray to Jesus, for we are expressly commanded not to do so! Even Jesus said of myself I can do nothing. Carnal Man knows nothing of the 72 virgins. And thusly they are called Virgins for the Carnal Mind has not had intercourse with these "daughters of God" - States of Being.

    For it is the female that receives seed and conceives seed [daughter or desire] and it is the male which issues seed [thought/imagination]. And once she is impregnated, then the giver of seed can do nothing to make it grow save watering but the germinated seed cannot be "touched".

    In what "name" do you undertake? Do you hide behind a Mask? Does the Mask belong to you? For the wealthy trust in wealth and the poor trust in "civil rights" and yet the poor know not that those rights can easily be revoked. How poor are the poor? It is a house of desolation. For they even wear masks - fashioned by the hands of other Minds who seeks to take what little they have left.

    All of this is a State of Being and every bit of it can be controlled in the throne room of your own mind.

    Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and its Righteousness and then all these other things shall be added unto you. and for a truth folks will say to you "Saul, from whence came your wisdom?" But hopefully by then you will have come to the status of David.


    this is very helpful. thanks, thanks, thanks.

    lots of details about the DBA on last nights legal deception call:

    Im only 20min in but this one is shaping upto to the best of status. the woman speaking has a few kids who get in all sorts of issues and she has had to learn how to keep them free and she shares everything. shes also former clerk of court she says.

    also thanks to walter for sharing too.

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    @ ~48:00 in the .mp3 posted above, they define "lawful money" in the IRS code and what IRS defines as payment.

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    hey george you're finding your grapes greatly appreciate the effectiveness of you're generally infringement on whats regulatory and whats relevant soothes and your relaxing that information .The vigilance is the vineyard. tochet

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    To be in a trusted relationship or a dependent relationship.a religious relationship is not dependent on going to church a trusted relationship is not dependent on court. Authority is merely trusting what the authorization of a title allows when is liable beyond being Named do i need a instrument of justice to separated my aversions.Is a claimant instructed to get a lawyer as all business intelligence officials are entitled to authenticate a NAME barring the trust .

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    thats a little too confusing for me right now xparte but thanks anyway.

    here is Kurts waiver:

    going by what he has said in audio recordings, on the otherside he has handwritten the same words that are on the front in red ink and placed only his thumbprint below that, not other thumbprints or any signatures.

    this would be considered a declaration, right? and Ive read somewhere that a waiver is also a "release".

    anyone care to comment or share their thoughts on this waiver? i like it an will be doing something very similar when I goto file my first documents.

    I need some pointers with that also as Ive never filed anything yet. what else beside this and an affidavit that I redeem lawfull money should I file?

    Im gathering info to form a plan for a visit to the recorders office if thats where one needs to file stuff. I'd like to do as much as possible in one trip. maybe open a misc case file too.

    any/all suggestions appreciated. thanks
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    Be ready not only to take responsibility for EVERYTHING, but to be actually held responsible for EVERYTHING too. You ARE GOD. GOD IS you.

    - Everything! And I mean not just being responsible, or especially responsible for how people feel about your acknowledgement of the Nature, Likeness and Character of the Creator, because you will find only through forgiveness that you do not even notice the attacks. They will no longer be attacks if you do not even feel it, right? Already deliver the Love being requested.


    David Merrill. Beloved Teacher of God - David = Beloved; Mara = Teacher, El = of God.

    Click on Photo.

    Attachment 3686

    Notice Maynard James addresses his mother with her true name.
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    I AM ready but still subject to habits.. forgiveness is easy for me, Ive got lots of practice, if I didnt practice it I would probably be a very angry (and dangerous) man.

    so knowing what you know, if you had to start all over, and could only make one visit to the recorders, what all would you file?

    for me so far Kurts waiver is top of the list. took me forever it seems to get it but he made it so simple and took lots of time explaining it that it is what finally made it click for me.

    lawful money affidavit next of course but what else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Joseph View Post
    Express Trust - now all I have to do is Imply my Trust. Walk it out. If my deeds don't match my words, well get the picture.

    Attachment 1897

    My creation / My Form / My Expressed Trust / My Honor

    Michael Joseph
    I almost overlooked that that was not their form, but yours. it looks so formal too.

    most are using state issued forms to file DBA. others are saying dont use notaries too though for the same reasoning ( i think anyway) that you do not use their forms but you have used the notary here.

    is the register of Deeds the place to file stuff and get it on the record or could one utilize the misc. case file for this as well? probably not but worth asking. Im trying to formulate a plan to get as much done in one go as possible.

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