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Thread: Get Your Billions Back, America: 2014

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    Get Your Billions Back, America: 2014


    Yes folks it's tax season, 2014. Big tax refund season for W2 LAWFUL MONEY filers. Open season on the banksters' FRN & tax SCAM.

    As taught by David Merrill, and as our experience has shown, it's really a federal income tax on privileged currency. Those of us who don't endorse Federal Reserve credit, don't owe the tax. Since federal reserve notes are the medium of exchange adopted by the United States, there's a presumption that is what you're using and thus owe the tax. To avoid FR currency & end the presumption - you can simply redeem LAWFUL MONEY. And avoid the tax!

    Like most American workers - you just got your Form W-2 from Employer. Your employer has been instructed to send a copy of this "information report" to the SSA (shared database with IRS). This Form W2 is full of statutory terms and is to be used in preparing your annual tax return. So let's get started. Apples peaches pumpkin pie, who's not ready holler I?

    NOTE: The income tax is sacred ground to the banking cabal. My research reveals all public forums, chatrooms, comment pages, etc. dealing with the TAX are infiltrated & patrolled by bankster minions. If I choose not to respond to your fearmongering, misrepresentations & insanely idiotic comments, you know why. I know they're meant to manage public perception.
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    Okay so taxpayers leave a couple billion on the table...what's that amount to; 10, 20 fiatscos per man woman child?

    Now what about the medicaid and medicare thingy?

    Are those type of contributions/payroll check reductions consented to through the supplication of an unrestricted W4 by the employee via the employer? Seems like the W4 is what gives the IRS standing to pursue claims against the "taxpayer" in particular.

    Seems like an express waiver of those benefits would be necessary to show lack of consent to this discretionary type of trust for "taxpayer" to have standing to be refunded the medicare/medicaid and social security contributions.

    Of course the main nexus is likely back to the endorsement & use of the FRN credits.

    Just a thought.
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    Just curious JC, but this sanitized W2 along with maybe another posted earlier shows FICA wages as more than FITW wages.

    Why is this? (Anyone?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ag maniac View Post
    Just curious JC, but this sanitized W2 along with maybe another posted earlier shows FICA wages as more than FITW wages.

    Why is this? (Anyone?)
    ag maniac FTW. Box 1 wages are reduced by employee's contributions to company's fully qualified retirement plan as shown by the code "E" in box 12b next to the amount ($4xxx.xx). I bet you already knew that.

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    Get Your Billions Back, America


    Gather your tax documents together. I keep mine in folders by year. When an envelope marked "Important Tax Document Enclosed" arrives in the mail, into the folder it goes. These annual mailings contain "information reports" like Forms W2, 1099 & 1098, and usually show the amount of reported [federal] income. With few exceptions info reports are due (in recipients hands) by Jan. 31st unless the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday. It does this year, 2015, so the due date is February 2, 2015. You will also need the total amount of this presumed or reported Title 26 income, was actually redeemed lawful money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyCash View Post
    ag maniac FTW. Box 1 wages are reduced by employee's contributions to company's fully qualified retirement plan as shown by the code "E" in box 12b next to the amount ($4xxx.xx). I bet you already knew that.
    Yeah, makes sense......I might have known that 10 years ago when I last contributed to a retirement plan.....but today, I'm just a my current retirement plan involves a variety of hand & power tools, a little know-how, & a bit of "McGyver=ing"

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    Get Your Billions Back, America


    You can often find paper tax forms and instructions at the Post Office. You're looking for Form 1040 (neither 1040A nor 1040EZ have Line 21 Other Income). Forms are also available for download here:,-U....ome-Tax-Return
    You can also use tax filing software. Most are free to use, or charge only for state returns. Popular offerings include: H&R Block, TurboTax, TaxAct, TaxSlayer, etc. Even full-featured or deluxe versions can be purchased for anywhere from $10 to $30.,2817,1904319,00.asp

    Since we'll be attaching evidence of our demand for LM we won't be using eFile or electronic filing. Correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I'm aware, these options do not allow for scanning/submission of user attachments. Even though we won't be efiling, the software allows you to print a paper return for mailing (with attachments). I like using the software as it can find overlooked deductions and reduces the chance of math errors and results in a return more likely to sail through IRS processing. We don't want to submit an invalid return.

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    Get Your Billions Back, America


    It helps to get in the proper mindset. "It is the voluntary use of private credit which imposes upon the user the quasi contractual or implied obligation to make a return of income." We're dealing with private law, private contract. A private company has conned America into using its stuff and now wants payment for use. "You used our stuff now you gotta pay the piper" - that's where they're coming from. Usage fee. Excise tax. Income tax. That's the presumption. What private company setup this scam? The FEDERAL RESERVE.

    So where are you coming from? I know the scam [the quatlosers protect]. I don't endorse private credit. I redeem lawful money. Therefore the 1040 return of income offers a chance to correct or rebut the erroneous presumption that I'm using FRNs; to correct the record. To show I haven't been duped.

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    Prepare Your Mind

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    "And if I could I surely would Stand on the rock that Moses stood"

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    Interesting you would post that pic of those stacks of "ones" Chex.

    I seem to recall on Jaro's Sovereign Warriors that I read the following interesting fact:

    Of all the FRN's in [current] circulation, only the "One" has a box around "Federal Reserve Note" (obverse, top center).

    Jaro's take on this was that during the possible coming currency reset, say for example everybody takes a 90% haircut on their FRN/electronic digits holdings ($100 bill gets you "10 new dollars"), those with "singles" might be able to trade "dollar for dollar".

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