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Thread: Exactly what does the IRS agent think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    I see.

    I meant portals for other tax accountants to prepare returns, through his business hub. Therefore all he needs are more tax accountants.

    Interestingly, preparing a 1040 for the Redeemed is extraordinarily simple and takes almost no time at all.

    P.S. After many refunds, the reason Guilliani PAZ got on my radar was attaching a mortgage gains form. It was voluntary and inert, but offered to pull the mortgage industry into redemption. Like my 9/11 Bill of Exchange in miniature.
    The State and subdivisions of the State do not pay taxes. Why? Because these are using public property for public uses. When one uses a Public Title for private use then comes the tax. Consider now a Surname. You Bible students might consider reading Job 32:21-22 and Proverbs Ch 1: 10-14.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Joseph View Post
    Firmware = DNA
    Software = mRNA

    Enough said....
    Yet more keeps coming in:

    PINEAL GLAND PATHOLOGY Glyphosate Aluminum and Radio Waves.mp4

    There is a paper shown at the front of the video. Attached.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Joseph View Post
    Firmware = DNA
    Software = mRNA

    Enough said....
    I feel most people do not know what you are saying MJ. Therefore I am attaching a couple items explanatory.

    Name:  CODE and Other Laws of Cyberspace.jpg
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    Real time interactive social media platform, individual:

    Name:  Title_Page_1.jpg
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    Name:  Title_Page_2.jpg
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    Continued... Page 3

    This is reading the NAV mRNA software directly from the subject Individual.

    Name:  Title_Page_3.jpg
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    Of course one might think the 666 in the WIPO Index is only a coincidence.

    Ergo, one really needs to wander around in Mining the Redeemed Mind.

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