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Thread: How to use this Lesson Plan.

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    What thread would that be?

    If I had something of value which could potentially help save the populations of earth from the devastating influence of the banksters, I would want to make it as simple and easy as possible for people to understand.

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    Any thread about redeeming lawful money.

    P.S. Several people are proving that remedy described on this website is spelled out clearly enough to be of benefit.
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    Have all the categories now been created?

    I am new to your site and would like to review your course material. The categories listed seem to be alphabetical. May I presume they are all of equal weight of knowledge. Meaning, no particular information needs to be understood before pursuing the information of any particular category.

    If that not be the case, perhaps simply prefixing each with a single letter or numbering indicating a grade or level. In the simply of examples maybe just one of three (3) letters; B, I and A. Indicating Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, respectively.

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    Where, exactly are the instructions?

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    I mean, where is the instruction set?

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    The title of this thread is possibly misleading.

    This discussion forum is by no means a course in anything. It is not set up to lead anyone through any kind of lesson plan.
    It is instead a discussion forum for people who had previously enjoyed conversing with each other on another, now defunct, discussion forum called suijurisclub dot net.

    After that forum disappeared, many of us missed it so much that we created this forum, in the hopes of continuing our discussions, and even improving our discussion experience, if possible.
    I think we succeeded.

    I love you guys and gals!
    You are always in my prayers.

    This is a place where ideas and anecdotes can be shared, information can be posted, and questions and plans can be discussed.
    Take it for what it is: a forum for discussion.

    Feel free to ask questions and do your own research.
    May the Holy Spirit guide you in your way.

    Bright blessings

    There is power in the blood of Jesus

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    You want a lesson plan? I can design you a lesson plan.

    What would you like to learn ?

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    How to pay less in taxes, legally and without IRS resistance, as has been mentioned on the site, thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by shikamaru View Post
    You want a lesson plan? I can design you a lesson plan.

    What would you like to learn ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by taycamstu View Post
    How to pay less in taxes, legally and without IRS resistance, as has been mentioned on the site, thanks.
    How deep do you want to go down that rabbit hole?

    Two sides to taxes: the finance/accounting side and the legal side.

    If you earn income, you are liable for tax. That's how I see it. Receiving income is the taxable activity.
    I'm hoping others will chime in for I know some will disagree with what I stated above.

    Here are some simple tips:

    1) Dividend income is taxed at a lesser rate than working income. Shift from working income to dividend income.
    2) Many people have too much of their income withheld. This overage is the "refund" you receive at the end of the year. Adjust your W-4 to boost your take home pay.
    3) Tax avoidance is a valid strategy for reducing the amount one pays in taxes.
    4) A business can be an excellent strategy for tax reduction as well as opening options for tax avoidance and reduction.
    5) If you adjust your lifestyle, there can be tax reduction and tax avoidance strategies in there.
    6) Discover how to qualify for various deductions, this can reduce your taxable income.
    7) Discover how to qualify for credits, this can reduce and offset your tax liability.

    The above is all my opinion, of course.
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    Think of all the activities you engage in throughout the day that are taxed i.e. using electricity, water, gas, shopping, driving, watching TV, tenuring land, etc.

    You can re-engineer your lifestyle to reduce and/or eliminate these taxable events and activities.

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