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Thread: DOJ Lifting Veil on Secret Cellphone Tracking

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    DOJ Lifting Veil on Secret Cellphone Tracking

    Thanks to increasing pressure from the public and from publications such as ARS Technica and the Wall Street Journal to disclose just how the Justice Department is obtaining and using their cell phone information, the DOJ announced that it will start, slowly, revealing more about its surveillance of Americans.

    Said a DOJ spokesman, the department is “examining its policies to ensure they reflect the Department’s continuing commitment to conducting its vital missions while according appropriate respect for privacy and civil liberties.” The department hasn’t been concerned for that “respect for privacy” in the past as nearly all of its surveillance of vast numbers of citizens in the hopes of finding a few miscreants has been done without a search warrant in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

    But now, according the spokesman, the department
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    They probably have operated under presumptions that each cellphone owner/user or telco. customer is a stranger (i.e. resident) and perceiving telcos as an extension of the FCC's administrative law framework which they presume to be outside of the Constitution (a fallacy because the FCC is limited by the powers of its creator and so on). Corporate existence is also likely presumed. Also, in the U.S. cellphone companies are almost always a franchisee of at least one State of the United States if not a franchisee of the United States through some regulatory body.

    My experience is that unless you make it clear to the contrary, they will presume in their own best interests.

    Related terms:
    administrative law, ultra vires, sedition by syntax, presumption, plenary power, territory, district, possess, Metro.
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    There are many things you can do to stop the tracking and take back your privacy online.

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