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Thread: Can a freeman have a bank account?

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    All, I had trouble with my credit union. They would not accept a restrictively endorsed check nor was there anyplace on the signature card to attach any kind of qualifying statement. Rather then get into it with them. I had them fwrd my demand to there legal dept who basically said the same thing (BS). So I opened an account with US Bank (much closer to home) and was able to attach all necessary qualifiers to the signature card and they accepted my restricted endorsement checks. The asst. mang. was a little confused by it all and I simply said it won't effect the clearing of the check, only the nature. He still seemed plexed but that's not really my problem

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    Freeman=Domestic Terrorist heh! Didn't realize I was using code words. I hear you. I refer only to lowercase people like myself trying to get and remain free. Trying to cut through decades of conditioning here. It sounds like an aware user may (cautiously) use legal name's Trust account as it suits the user. David did Compass give you the acct sans the SSN? And do you recommend a business acct "True Name dba First Middle Last?"

    Thanks! You've all helped.

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