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Thread: Chicago going broke?

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    Chicago going broke?

    or will it be bankruptcy again?

    Maybe it’s time to give back [FRB for all the usufruct you been paid] to fix the bridges that need repaid and the roads that need resurfacing and etc, etc, etc.

    Not just Chicago but everywhere in North America.

    Upon the question of taxation of lands of the United States by the state of Illinois two well-considered opinions of the supreme court of that state are worthy of reference in this connection.

    In one of them it was held that a lot of land in Chicago, owned by the United States, used by them for a custom-house, post-office, and court-house, and which the legislature of the state had consented might be so used, and had ceded jurisdiction over, was not liable to assessment by the municipal authorities, under a statute of the state, for the amount of the benefit to the land from the laying out of a highway; and the court said: 'Nor, under our system of government, can the states tax the general government, its agents or property, nor can the general government tax the states, their agents or property.' '

    A municipal corporation has no power to assess or exact from the state or the general government any sum for benefits conferred. The power to levy taxes or impose assessments for benefits can only be exercised on the governed, and not on the governing power, whether state or federal.' Fagan v. Chicago, 84 Ill. 227, 233, 234. –

    See more at:

    The Bankruptcy of The United States has already been done. United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303,
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    When a country's enemies fill the seats of {PICK ONE OR ANY: parliament|board of aldermen|city/county council|school board|corporate boards of directors|worker's union directors|investment banks|pension funds|prison/jail managers|any significant controlling position}:

    ...because such are people that do not like you and figure you might be too stupid to figure that out. Even when someone believes they are well-meaning, if they do that which an enemy would do....

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