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    Your FINANCIAL REHABILITATION is accomplished by using the sav-1455, sav-1522 and the SF-1047 “Saving to Suitors” forms into the “Bankruptcy” Courts of which ALL state and federal brokering “BAR” Courts are working for unjust commissions, kickbacks and the benefit of the Governmental BANKRUPT USERS. You are just reclaiming your just entitlements back from the BANKRUPT USERS of your Assets, Securities and Labor Energy. Refer to the Matrix movies and come out of her.

    BANKRUPTCY: A System of Jurisprudence, which, while statutory, is comparable to Equity or Admiralty. The law where under an insolvent debtor may bring all his assets not exempt from execution into court and have them administered and sold for the benefit of his creditors, and be discharged from all of his debts not excepted from discharge; OR bring all of his assets into court, NOT FOR their liquidation and his discharge from his DEBTS, but for his FINANCIAL REHABILITATION 9 Am J2d Bankr 8 2. (Confirmed in the 1938 Bankruptcy Act and they also revamped the Court “Banking” System to help complete the process.)

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    Welcome PPDFarm1;

    I will likely call you Farm here on out. I like that idea of cultivating private (special deposit/redemption) banking like a growth industry - farming. It is likely SPAM of the sort I encourage.

    Same thing. Just using the secured vaults at the corner banks already there. This is naturally an immunity from a cyberspace collapse. For example, here I just deposit the special funds into my wallet as the bank. - An ad hoc contract between the beneficiary and the trustee. A couple things on my plate:

    1) These are all trust structures. I just looked at a warning about blockchains adversely effecting cyber-currencies and it occurred to me how deeply absurd it is to even worry about bitcoin when a fast RSA Factoring Algorithm in the hands of one or two greedy people redacted banking to actual physical currency. No more Speculation. Continue in delusion if you desire fear.

    2) I was swept up in the model of Israel and its Messiah restoring the Kingdom of David as the Kingdom of Heaven; a pre-Babylonian state of mind, before Nebuchadnezzar captured the Temple Mount. I came across a simpler treatment of Western Law. Refreshing!
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