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Thread: Dutch East Indies Trading Company

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    The physical location makes sense. Its the ideology of the UN. At least one function of the UN seems to prevent "States" from escaping debt.

    Yet I hear that the United States has never paid any dues?

    The "body politick" part was at least extant. The US Army Rules of Land Warfare suggest that the occupying military is not sovereign. Makes sense. BEIC and DEITC/VOC weren't sovereign either. They made acquisitions for their respective Crown or People.

    I AM David Merrill of the VAN PELT family.

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    I am planning to reread this thread again, later today.

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    The New AMSTERDAM or Manhattan for beads. Our fascination with commercial and successful economic enterprise starts with expulsions from Spain /Portugal a immigration to Holland a private financed voyage with Columbus 1492 .Following the theme exploitation of ourselves .Dutch And English conquest a royal family affair.

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