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Thread: From Olympus - True Bill & Jubilee - $20,000,000.00

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gavilan View Post
    Why not write him a letter, and provide him notice. Wouldn't you like an opportunity to leave criminal syndicalism if you were caught in it and didn't know it, or at least a chance to leave it even if you knew it?

    I made it clearer that this is Robert's chance at redemption.

    Doc 9 - Clarification of Cause; R4C on Order to Show Cause; Warrants Issued

    It took over 24 hours to show up on PACER and even so, BRYAN's original presentment R4C'd is on there, like he Refuses for Cause too. So I take it that this case will be dismissed on July 15th, as per schedule. Exactly thirty-day Judgment will be on August 13th, the 9th of Av. Just as I expected. At least he thought it over.

    The real test will be if he makes any more utterance in the matter. - Or if he realizes he is recused by the execution of law for the deviant oath of office. WOLSKI, in the US Court of Federal Claims went silent.

    P.S. Yep, I just looked again. Going on around six months now; WOLSKI has nothing more to say...
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    The initial Claim on Jubilee was sent out to the Triumvirate. Many of those recipients are overseas and without Return Receipts available internationally, tracking just did not seem worth the money.

    Domestically this is getting interesting:

    7016 1370 0001 9969 6100
    7002 2410 0003 4990 1277
    7004 1350 0000 0533 3930
    7004 2510 0004 8040 3545
    7004 1350 0000 0533 3947
    7002 2410 0003 4990 1291
    7004 2510 0004 8040 3552

    USPS Tracking.

    Plug those in - Copy and Paste. They go to these recipients respectively:

    CIT, Diocese Denver, USDC Colo, Colo AG, OBAMA, BRENNAN, Colo Governor

    Now note how the Secret Service has interfered with delivery reporting to the President. - Expected. In a sense, the District of Columbia is not domestic; it is extraterritorial - the United States.

    But the Archdiocese in Denver? Is that actually Vatican? It was out for delivery on the 2nd and now almost two weeks later there is no registry of the delivery. I know I got the address correct off the website.

    I am glad I did not spend $50/pop on the obviously international Tracking!

    Name:  delivery of Claim SS and Denver Diocese.jpg
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    Today is special. This marks the beginning of the Thirty-Day Judgment on the 9th of Av - August 13th. I issued the Judgment for Forgiveness fifteen years ago. That means two seven-year Release cycles and this being a Jubilee that leaves for this being the end of Jubilee, mainly on and around October 4th, Yom Kippur or Judgment Day. The two warrants (attached) were delivered this morning, about the time I was getting up for chi kung and a snorkel in the chilly lake.

    Name:  Proof of Delivery DC Treasury 7 15 16.jpg
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    US Treasury

    Name:  Proof of Delivery DC USAG 7 15 16.jpg
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    US Attorney General

    This is also the day that Mr. BRYAN proposed my evidence repository be "dismissed" for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.

    Interestingly, the clerk of court is unwilling to correct the name on the case from bankruptcy attorney David L. MERRILL to David Merrill.

    P.S. My name is MY WORD;

    biocosmetric sonoluminescence

    My Title is David Merrill; Beloved Teacher of God
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    Attachment 4210

    Attachment 4207

    Albeit Robert is recused for a deviant oath, I find it exceptional that he founded Inns of Court within the dominions of the Bar Association here on Washington State.

    Attachment 4208

    Attachment 4211

    I only used the tracking on the domestic service. It revealed the municipal (Levi) immunity to the postal code:

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    P.S. Here is an aerial shot of the Middle Temple, across the street from the original International Bar Association:

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    Two things bothering me.

    A couple things that bother me about the process so far.

    1) both the process server and I forgot to check the box on the Criminal Complaint that there are Attachments. The clerk may have filed the initial complaint as its own stand-alone document, without attachments.

    2) there is a misnomer, that would seem intentional or at least an outrageous presumption if the clerk was plugging me into a search engine.

    Otherwise this is going just great. The warrants arrived on July 15th to both the US Treasury and the US Attorney General. That was the day pretend federal judge Robert J. BRYAN was supposed to enter default judgment against me for failing to show cause otherwise.

    The case over in the US Court of Federal Claims is still dormant and open, with pretend judge Victor J. WOLSKI recused. So it would seem that to become a pretend federal judge you have to be smart enough to read and understand English. This is encouraging...

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