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Thread: Committees of Safety

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    Record the 12 steps u bet I'm to old for this staircase ag man meet me at the bottom that's really how it ends getting to the bottom of it.

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    P.S. I cured the world of SARS back in 2002-2003.

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    I had not much thought about the intelligence/counterintelligence when two weeks later China Daily reported China was intending to claim an international patent on the SARS genome. The Map is only the flute. I had already patented the Song and the Musician.

    I went on yesterday about #9 Bask but deleted the thread when I understood the ascension. The girl at Whole Foods came back - "We cannot sell THAT here!"

    One of the testimonies on the advertisements is how a woman using #9 Bask in her engineering pool finds that the men are much more cooperative, women being in the minority. No wonder I deleted the thread?

    P.S. I simply wrote back that image above; that I already invented Advanced Resonance Inductive Plasma Physics (now evolved into biocosmetric sonoluminescence). So instead of SARS becoming pandemic and useful for biological warfare, I neutralized it from my solar plexus. What if SARS had been invented as a biological weapon to begin with, and I neutralized it?

    When you live in the time collapse, like I do, one no longer perceives attacks.

    Again; Forgiveness.
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