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Thread: Raw: Hilary, Democrats & Progressive Hate, Exploit & Tool 'Black People'

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    Raw: Hilary, Democrats & Progressives Hate, Exploit & Tool 'Black People'

    Raw: Hilary, Democrats & Progressives Hate, Exploit & Tool 'Black People'

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    Warning: explicative language.

    Provides a quite raw, interesting synopsis of history and discusses how the "Progressive Movement" had oppression and impoverishment of so-called "Black" people as a lynchpin of its strategy to destroy the United States of America. The creation of poverty and promotion of crime designed to create division and to build up pressure which the Progressives (who caused the problems in the first place) would hope to wield for destruction and division (if they could get away with it)--ala Black Lives Matter, etc. Black lives do matter but evidence is mounting that BLM is greatly misleading so-called Blacks (commensurate with Progressive (Communist) Movement plans and strategies). It seems that the people are getting wise.

    Audio (mp3) - Did She Say That (Show) hosted by Sonnie Johnson.
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