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Thread: Two Traffic Tickets R4C Refused for Cause successfully!

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    You miss the essence of Court of Record.
    Big difference then "Court of Register" being "Court of Fact" being "De-facto Court".

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    I probably have posted this here before, but will probably post it several more times as the opportunity presents itself.

    In reaching the conclusion that the cable franchise is not a license, we begin with the hornbook definition of a license:
    A permit, granted by an appropriate governmental body, generally for a consideration, to a person, firm, or corporation to pursue some occupation or to carry on some business subject to regulation under the police power. A license is not a contract between the state and the licensee, but is a mere personal permit.
    Schloss v. City of Indianapolis
    Supreme Court of Indiana

    Good stuff there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by walter View Post
    Big difference then "Court of Register" being "Court of Fact" being "De-facto Court".

    Courts not of record.

    I asked once, Is this a court of record. The "judge" silently gestured toward the transcriber. I was still unclear until he mumbled, We are recording...

    So the preservation of the Record with a competent clerk and notarized transcribers is essential.

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    I gave up R4C on traffic tickets long ago; generally not effective. MJ has outlined why. I handle them administratively. In fact making them go away has become rather routine and automatic.

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    That sure looks like it is best paid off lawful money demanded. Fighting with foreign computer cash cows is the stuff bad dreams are made of.

    If you write a letter that stops the computer, we would like to see that.
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    Sorry, didn't make myself clear. There's nothing to pay. True Name showed up at the hearing to handle the matter, with honor. The judgment as you see was NR (not responsible). $105 saved and no marks/points against the driving record. As usual I beat the traffic ticket. Thank you David & MJ!

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    Traffic Ticket what is it? IMO its a notice of a violation but the CLERK needs to DOCKET a case from the violation ticket # that's visible on this negotiable instrument. But the CLERK files a docked complaint after 3 business days cause youve failed to appear as the CLERK has to enter her complaint into the summary judgement world. The municipality merely sends a stack of violations to a JP. That JP or CLERK bonds the SSN with the hopes your going plea or possibly pay on or before your summons ticket date or fail to appear thats her complaint or cause of action. The ticket is the admission (pun intended) or is it. it is a summons (aka: an order to appear) So appear and refuse the offer thats not in the system yet . The complaint is docked under oath and penalty of perjury applies we dont have you in the system yet well u do now I have appeared and refused the admissions offer have a nice day . notice and complaint thats the police policy but the clerk writes it up as failure to appear complaint . If u show up after 3 days she still wins if u dont its a bigger win hedging the performance bonds . She cant complain that its not in the system also give the chief of policy a copy and let them complain to each other .

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    Revisiting a mixture of proper notice and registered complaint the police are the informants but its the CLERK who is docking the case does she need to wait 3 business days or is that the notification period before the complaint gets docked. Its not in the system yet ok I appeared lets put that in the system. Why would the CLERK say come back in a few days.

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    It is unfortunate you were ticketed for operating without a license.

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