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Thread: Castle Church Trust prosecutes

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    Castle Church Trust prosecutes

    Hi Everybody;

    Bishop Castle became CASTLE CHURCH - For the Redemption of the Office BISHOP (hereafter CASTLE CHURCH TRUST) in early February, 2015. I have been posting my entire evidence repository for students on and have a website especially for the mission activities of CASTLE CHURCH TRUST.

    Warranty Deed
    Corrective Warranty Deed

    The irrevocable trust was designed to keep the State from ever being able to claim Bishop Castle as a tourist trap, which process and intention was revealed as early as 2002. Jim was prosecuted for an incident up at the Castle while he was known to be in Pueblo, miles away. Yet the prosecutor, the judge, set Jim's bail cash only at $50K. And so set a mentality that the state is now patiently awaiting for Jim to die, so to assess property and inheritance taxes so high that the family cannot keep the Castle as private property.

    Not much to discuss about the trust. It is summarized on Page 3 of the above Warranty Deeds. I intend only to bring your attention to the website and for you to read the two new threads:

    Bishop Castle Indicts Alaska for Child Trafficking

    Bishop Castle Indicts Colorado Springs' Mayor SUTHERS

    Even though the Castle itself is bought and paid for, aside from safety features for visitors I only have added the one piece of art - that pentagram and a Fibonacci spiral. Even so that was on an important brace to stabilize the open end of the Bridge to Nowhere. The entire Castle (Keep actually) has been built otherwise entirely by James Roland BISHOP, who still enjoys castlebuilding up there.

    P.S. Bishop Castle Colorado on FaceBook might also become entertaining.
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